Your Cat Health Questions

Common cat health questions that Cat Lovers Only readers have asked, or that I've seen being asked around the Internet are addressed here.

I've included just some of the questions that are on my list to give us a start, and then I'll open it up to your questions and answers.

General Questions

Q. My cat won't use the litter box, what should I do?

A. The answers to this are many and varied, depending upon the type of problem and the cause. The first step is to rule out a physical cause by taking your cat to the vet. Then, you can work through any emotional issues and behavior problems. See my cat litter box problems guide for more help.

Q. I think my cat might have worms. How do I tell?

A. Your cat should be tested for worms once per year by your veterinarian. Keep in mind that worms can be present whether you see them or not, and an infected cat may not show any signs or symptoms. Here are some common types of cat worms and how to spot them.

Q. My cat is coughing. What does it mean?

A. Your cat may exhibit various hacking and coughing behaviors when trying to deal with hairballs. Hairballs in cats are quite common, and may contain fur, food, and other ingested items that ball up in the gut.

An actual cough, however, is relatively rare in cats and warrants a call to your veterinarian for guidance.

Q. What is a healthy cat weight?

A. Many cats are overweight. Just as in humans, overweight cats may develop weight related illnesses and medical conditions. Here are tips to help your cat stay slim and trim (more...).

Q. Is there a cat weight chart?

A. Yes, there are charts (more...).

Cat Health Questions Regarding Food

Q. My cat likes to eat dog food. Is this healthy?

A. No. Cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements. For example, cats require that an amino acid called taurine be in their diet in sufficient quantities. Without it, your cat may go blind or develop heart problems including cardiomyopathy.

If your cat is eating too much dog food and therefore not getting enough of what a cat needs, that is a problem. You'll need to adjust your lifestyle and feeding schedules to ensure your cat is getting adequate nutrition.

Q. Can chocolate kill cats?

A. Yes. Chocolate poisoning is more common in dogs, but many animals may have reactions to it, including cats. While small quantities may not kill your cat, chocolate should be off-limits for kitty.

I've put this one on here because I've seen elsewhere on the Web where people have asked this question and the answer was given as "no" so I wanted to make sure that cat owners are informed.

Q. Should I feed my cat table scraps?

A. Opinions on this are mixed with some veterinarians saying no, not at all, and others saying yes but in limited amounts.

There are a number of reasons why some argue against feeding human food to your cat at all. For one thing, if your cat's diet becomes unbalanced, she may become malnourished.

I hear stories about people feeding their cats cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, vegetarian meals, and all kinds of other things (that I would probably never feed my cat).

Around the holidays, some cats end up with a case of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) from being fed foods outside of their normal diet. While any sudden change in diet can cause a kitty to experience stomach upset, pancreatitis is serious business, and can be fatal.

Your cat's physiology is designed for a low carbohydrate diet, so something like cheesecake is not a good idea. Some vets will say that feeding scraps of meat (without spices or sugary sauces) is probably OK in moderation for most cats, but be careful.

Cats are obligate carnivores. They need meat and can't get all the nutrition they need from a plant-based diet. So, broccoli is fine if your cat likes it, but your cat needs meat to balance things out.

To ensure that your cat has the most balanced diet possible, with all the required nutrients, most vets recommend commercial cat food that meets AAFCO standards.

If you do feed table scraps...

Unless you want a beggar, don't feed directly from the table or the stove/oven. Prepare the food and feed your cat at a later time. Preparing homemade cat food recipes are another option.

Poisons and Your Cat

Q. I want to keep my cat away from my plants, my garden, and other areas of my house. I've heard that I can use mothballs as a cat repellent. Someone said I shouldn't because they're poisonous.

A. Yes, the two different substances that mothballs are made of are both poisonous to cats. Don't use them.

If you feel you must use mothballs as a cat repellent, then put them in a glass jar with a metal lid Punch small holes in the metal lid so that the fumes can escape. Don't let pets or humans, especially children, come in contact with the moth balls.

Q. I've heard that many household items, including common cleaners, contain chemicals that may be poisonous to cats. Is this true? Where can I get a list of these items?

A. Many household products can be poisonous, or at the very least an irritant to cats and other pets. New products are put on the market all the time. Check with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for the latest on poisoning issues.

Q. Can I give my cat aspirin or other over the counter drugs?

A. No. According the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, human medications are the number one cause of poisoning in pets.

A small amount of Tylenol can kill a cat, and aspirin takes your cat's body about 3 days to metabolize. Never try to treat your cat with drugs for humans, unless instructed by your veterinarian to do so, and keep all medications under lock and key so your cat does not accidentally end up poisoned.

Q. Someone told me that Pepto Bismol is OK to give my cat. Should I give my cat Pepto-Bismol for vomiting or diarrhea?

No. According to veterinarian Arnold Plotnick, the main ingredient in both Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol is bismuth subsalicylate, which is related to aspirin. For that reason, givng a cat either product is not recommended.

Cat Parasites

Q. There's black build up in my cat's ears. What is that from? Does my cat need treatment?

Without seeing it, it's hard to say, but a black build up in your cat's ear is likely caused by a parasite known as ear mites. It often is described as looking like coffee grounds. Ear mites in cats are treatable, but a veterinarian should clean your cat's ears since doing this improperly can cause damage, and doing it incompletely will not cure the problem.

Q. Do home remedies really work on ear mites?

A. After the cleaning procedure is done correctly, a home remedy may help, but most of the time their effectiveness is less than optimal. Ideally, your vet should do the cleaning and prescribe treatment.

Get Answers From Veterinarians

There are many question and answer type sites popping up on the Internet. Beware when getting any answers to cat health questions on the Internet.

While even different authoritative sources can have conflicting information, many of the question and answer sites are filled with misinformation, rumor, and innuendo.

Your veterinarian is your best source for health information regarding your cat.

That having been said, has expert advice and immediate answers to specific questions from trained veterinarians and cat experts.

Simply type your question into the box below, and for a nominal fee, you'll get an expert answer.

Ask a Cat Veterinarian Now

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Books that Address Cat Health Questions

Cat Talk: What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You by Carole C. Wilbourn. This book focuses a lot on cat behavior, but gets into the connection between emotional problems in cats and cat illnesses.

The Encyclopedia of the Cat contains information on cat health, first aid, parasites, and home nursing kittens.

Now, let's tap into the collective wisdom of our readers below...

What's Your Most Important Cat Health Question? (Ex... What's the Best Flea Treatment You've Used?)

Do you have a nagging question on cat health that you want the Cat Lovers Only readers to answer? Do you have an answer to a question you once had that you feel would help other cat owners? Share it!

You can ask a question or post an answer along with your question. Remember that everyone's situation is unique. Please include a background story so that readers can understand the context of the question and provide a better answer for you (or better understand your answer).

This will better help us all to learn about cat health.

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My cat seems to throw up every time she eats. 
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My cat has a tumor what is it from? 
My cat Blackie has a lump or tumor on his left side how do I know if it is cancer? He is going to the vet on Wed. but I'm really scared that it could …

How do you prevent cat hair on bed sheets and covers? 
I have noticed that the higher the thread count on bedsheets the more difficult it is to remove cat hair during washing. What do you do to cat hair proof …

My Cat Seems to Have a Cold 
My cat is approx 2 1/2 years old, and seems to have a cold. He is sneezing and has some whitish gunk in his eyes. He seems fine otherwise, eating, good …

Can a heart problem in my cat be made worse by giving steroids? 
Can an undetected heart problem in my cat be made worse by giving steroids? Symptoms: lethargy and loss of appetite. Editor's note: If your cat

Male cat takes a long time to urinate? 
My cat seems to be taking forever when going for a wee. Over the last couple of days I have noticed when my cat is going for a wee that he can be stooping …

What is the gestation period for a cat? Not rated yet
My cat is only 9 months old. I'm worried she may be too young to have kittens. Editor's note: It sounds like you're asking two different questions, …

My cat has started tearing up carpet along the baseboard Not rated yet
My cat has started tearing up carpet along the baseboard and chewing on the the loose fibers. She has also lost weight recently and throws up occasionally. …

Excessive scratching until bleeding Not rated yet
My cat has lost some weight, her coat is shaggy looking and she sheds a lot. She has begun to scratch herself (rear feet as she has been declawed on …

Something is wrong with my kitten Not rated yet
My kitten has something wrong with it. He acts like he can't hold his head up and he throws his head back and opens his mouth every 20 seconds. Nine …

14 year old male cat's fur starting to clump Not rated yet
My 14 year old short haired male cat's fur is suddenly starting to clump on his back towards his hind legs. It started with 1 spot spot and now up to …

Cat has a watery eye and warm nose Not rated yet
My cat has a watery eye with gunk coming out of it and a warm nose. Any idea what could be wrong? Her eye has been like this for several days, really …

Cure for my cannot who cannot poop Not rated yet
Recently, my cat suffered from diarrhea and he was almost close to death. When he recovered from the illness, then he was not able to poop. My Thoughts: …

Male cat acting like he is hallucinating Not rated yet
My 1 year old male cat seems to be hallucinating. He is skittish, pupils are dilated, seems to be having pain in left hind quarter, walks super gingerly. …

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Cat has been sneezing a lot lately Not rated yet
My cat's been sneezing a lot lately and he's also been dry heaving (he seems like he's going to barf, but never does). At first, I just watched him a little …

Sick cat: 13 year old female sleeping not eating Not rated yet
13 year old female cat sleeping all the time and not eating, only ate a bit of ham. Drinking a lot of water, feels cold to the touch and appears to have …

Cat has been losing weight the last few days Not rated yet
My cat has been losing weight the last few days. Does this happen a lot in spring? My cat is 5 years old, a barn cat that stays INDOORS every night. …

Can you tell me what's wrong with my female cat please? Not rated yet
Hi, I have a female cat called Roxy. She is 2 and a half years old. She's had one lot of kittens and now she has been spayed. She has not been herself …

Cat has lost loads of weight and breathing rapidly? Not rated yet
My cat has lost loads of weight and is breathing rapidly when lying down. Any ideas what it could be? My cat is about 6 to 7 years old. She has been …

What is wrong with my poor kitty? Not rated yet
My cat is a 12 year old male. The area under his left eye is severely swollen and he has been sneezing. I just need to know what the problem could be, …

Male cat is vomiting a watery mixture and won't eat? Not rated yet
My cat Charlie is about 4 years old. Just in the last day he has been vomiting a watery substance, and he won't eat. Why is he doing this, and what can …

What are the symptoms of end stage chronic kidney failure in my cat? Not rated yet
We adopted our cat 5 years ago and were told that she was 11, but we think she may have been older. She suffers from arthritis which we treat with pills. …

Can a stray kitten transfer feline leukemia to my cat? Not rated yet
I found a stray kitten that has been in my house for about week and lately my cat has not been eating, drinking, sleeps a lot and gags once in awhile. …

Aloe vera for cat with wound from excessive licking? Not rated yet
I hope that someone out there could give me some advice. I took in a brother and sister. And the sister kitty is an excessive licker. She now has a …

What does my cat's behavioral change indicate? Not rated yet
My usually sociable female cat has retreated under the bed in the guest room. She will come out but seems distant. She is drinking water but not eating …

My cat has a lump in her throat Not rated yet
My cat has a lump in her throat and has stopped eating. Editor's note: That's not much to go on Rachel, but it would be enough for me to take her to …

Does my cat have a cold or something worse? Not rated yet
My 6 year old black and white cat ISA has been sneezing profusely for the past week (yellow mucus comes out) and hissing/growling at me. Then she walks …

My cat is getting weak Not rated yet
My cat is getting weak. What I can do? My cat stopped playing with me. I don't know why. He always sleeps and can't run so fast, can't open his eyes easily. …

Metacam oral solution is NOT FOR USE IN CATS! Not rated yet
My friend and family member, Rocky, has been in emergency care for renal failure for 5 days. Our Veterinarian prescribed Metacam oral solution for pain. …

Are My Cats Lonely? Not rated yet
After 4 years, my fiance and I finally moved in together. The big challenge for us --- he is allergic to cats. I have 2 indoor and long hair "brothers". …

Cat Had Feline Sarcoma Not rated yet
Should I have had surgery or not? Cat had to be put down 7 months later. Cat had tumors, they got badly infected towards the end. Cat was eating fine …

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Should I buy cat health insurance for my three cats?

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