My cat seems to throw up every time she eats.

by Sarah Florio
(Pawling, NY, US)

My cat seems to throw up every time she eats. I have changed my cat food several times but that doesn't seem to help.

My cat Mouse is about 8 years old. She is all of a sudden loosing some of her fur, especially on her face. I thought at first that she was sitting too close to the fire but now I am not so sure. Also she has been throwing up after almost every times she eats. I have changed the cat food on several occasions but it doesn't seem to be helping the situation.

We have just purchased Iams cat food and can food, hopefully this will help. Also she has lost a bit of weight, I believe she weights about 5 pounds now. She as always been an active cat but she has become too skinny now.

She is very loving and wants a lot of attention.
Do you have any suggestions as to why she is throwing up and maybe a solution to this problem.

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Oct 21, 2012
Cat threw up everything for several years
by: Anonymous

Nothing made a difference until the vet finally decided exploratory stomach surgery was the only way to find out what was going on with my kitty baby. He was down to 6 pounds and I was desperate.

They found stomach cancer and now he is on prednisone daily. He is eating, up to 12 pounds and doing great. He has a few years left in him and I am so relieved to finally get an answer. Even if I am not happy with that answer.

Oct 14, 2012
My cat
by: Molly

Mine also throws up about 3 times a week but she eats like she's starving and recently has been eating my dog's food.

I put my dog on the Blue brand dog food so today I went and got some Blue cat food. I hope this will help her. I don't know how to keep her out of the dog food.

Editor's note: Hi Molly,

I'm assuming you feed your dog once a day? Make sure your cat is occupied with a toy in a closed room while you feed your dog. When your dog is finished eating (it usually doesn't take a dog long to finish a bowl!), then let your cat out.

Or, simply feed your dog in closed room.

If your cat is eating excessively but not gaining weight, there can be a number of reasons for that. I can think of two quick possibilities...

1) Parasites, or

2) She has an illness (diabetes and hyperthyroidism are two of the more common ones, especially in older cats).

Buying a quality cat food like Blue is certainly a good idea, but I would make sure she's healthy.

Dec 14, 2011
@Anonymous reader with cat with cancer
by: Kurt (Admin)

I've posted your information/question as a new page as I think we may get more responses from a wider audience.

Please see Stop cat from vomiting (cancer of the stomach).

Dec 11, 2011
Cat with Cancer
by: Anonymous

So I have a cat that was just diagnosed with a mass in his stomach. We had gone for months with him throwing up constantly but then his weight changed significantly and we took him for a sonogram.

He wasn't eating and we thought it was the end. He is now on steroids (5mg - prednisolone) and he's eating and drinking daily. Only problem is the vomiting has reoccurred and because of the steroids he is starving all the time.

Editor's note: Please see Stop cat from vomiting for the rest of this comment and to offer input.

Jun 03, 2010
I had the same problem
by: Anonymous

After my cat ate, he would throw it all up and did this for a long time before I started weeding things out of his diet. After hundreds of dollars at the vets, I finally figured out that he had become allergic to wheat and corn (no thanks to my previous vet).

He is now eating Wholesome Goodness which is a Meow Mix brand for wet food and Natures Organics (no wheat and no corn) for dry food. He has not thrown up his food since.

My kitty baby was down to 7 pounds but now he is doing better. Try one of these and see if it helps. I get the Wholesome Goodness at Target or Walmart (70 cents a container) and the Natures Organics (comes in a brown bag) at PetSmart.

He has gained some weight but he goes to the bathroom a lot so I am watching him for other problems just in case.

Jun 03, 2010
Try feeding less?
by: Kurt (Admin)


There are so many reasons why a cat won't keep food down, you need a vet to rule out the medical causes. She needs a thorough exam.

If that's been done and your vet can't find a medical problem, then did your vet have a guess as to why this happens?

If you believe she's doing a binge-purge, not like a bulimic person would but just because she's forcing too much down, what happens if you feed her less at a time? Obviously, you can't easily do this with free choice feeding, but if you have set meal times, I would maybe try giving her less and see what happens.

If she still throws up, it could be the food. Maybe she's allergic to one of the ingredients.

Please come back and let us know how it goes with her.

Jun 03, 2010
my cat throws up every time she eats
by: debbie

I have had Boots for 5 years. She was the runt of the litter and never really grew. She weights 5-6 pounds. Every time she eats, it comes right back up. I thought it was because she was eating more than her stomach would allow. I will try to change her food and see if there is any change.

Mar 30, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about your cat
by: Kurt (Admin)


I'm very sorry to hear about your cat's passing.

Mar 30, 2010
by: Joan

I had to put my cat down yesterday. She had severe vomiting - (Every time she ate or drank) and had constant weekly weight loss. Had blood work, ultra sounds and finally exploratory surgery. She was only 12 and I wanted to give her a few more years if I could. After biopsy she had irritable bowel - it affected her stomach and small intestine - I was tube feeding her to try to get her to gain weight and help her recover but she continued to throw up while administering antibiotics - pain med etc. The side effects were terrible - I felt so bad for her - I loved her very much and will miss her. She was a great companion and friend.

May 29, 2009
Check for allergies
by: Anonymous

Check for allergies. Most cat food is loaded with carbs that eventually cause the cat to be come intolerant. It's a lot like when humans become gluten intolerant. Try one without gluten. Worked for my cat who never threw up again after I changed his food.

May 29, 2009
My cat also vomited his entire stomach contents when he ate
by: janet

After $700 at the vets to have tests run, X-rays, and a bad tooth pulled, he was still throwing up and the Dr had no other advice. So I did my own research and eventually found that once I got him food that had no corn, wheat or soy in it, he ate like a horse and stopped vomiting his food.

He had simply become allergic to these things and from what I have read, it is not as uncommon as you might think.

I found several brands of food that he likes at PetSmart and other pet stores, and it has taken a load off my mind.

Also, I have changed vets. I don't understand why he would not have thought of this, except to keep getting my money for unnecessary tests.

Feb 13, 2009
Wet Food, Hair Balls, and Other Stuff
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Thanks Carey, I'm glad you like the site.

It has often been reported that wet food reduces vomiting in cats. Many vets are recommending wet food over dry for a number of reasons.

Frequent throwing up could be due, of course, to hair in the gut. Longer haired cats often throw up more frequently when they can't muster up a hair ball. Frequent grooming and the occasional laxative can help. Short haired cats may have that problem as well, but it seems to be reported more in longer haired cats, and that has been my experience at home as well.

Cats obviously get into all kinds of things, and eat bugs, plants, and so on which might upset their stomachs. My vet has always said, though, that if the vomiting seems excessive (and every day is excessive), then things should be investigated further. If there are other symptoms (like significant weight loss, which by itself can be a warning sign), it's definitely time for a vet consultation.

Feb 12, 2009
My cat does too!
by: Carey

One of my cats throws up too. Not EVERY time he eats but he does it often enough.

I told my vet about it and she acted like it wasn't a big deal. He's lost some weight, but I knew he would as I completely changed his and the other cats diets (transitioned from free feeding dry to wet food twice a day.)

Btw, he throws up ALOT less now that he's on wet food, but nonetheless he still does it. I just don't get it? Then of course I feel bad for him and thing he's hungry cuz he just threw up everything he ate and I give him more.

Don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not?

Btw, love the site Kurt. I'm Carey on the sbi forums. I have the Gay Marriage Guide website.

Good job. I'm going to finish checking out your site. I'm going to click on the Rainbow Bridge next...I have a cat on there with a lifetime membership his name is Buddy (from Stowe, PA.) He's all black and I even have a tattoo of him on me left calf ;-)

Great job seriously on the it.


Feb 12, 2009
Check With A Vet
by: Anonymous

I don't want to alarm you but the constant vomiting may be a sign of some kind of organ failure (specifically kidney). I would definitely get a blood panel done by a vet to make sure. You should see if kitty is drinking more water than usual.

Also, when you change your cat's food do you do a gradual transition or are you changing it suddenly? Changing food suddenly may upset kitty's stomach.

Good luck to you and I hope it's nothing serious.

Feb 10, 2009
I Would Consult A Vet
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why cats lose their hair, vomit, and lose weight. These may be unrelated symptoms, but the vomiting is certainly bound to lead to dehydration. It can also lead to malnutrition which could cause weight loss.

The hair loss could be parasites, nerves, or some other problem, but the vomiting and the weight loss is what bothers me. It could be anything from food allergies to something much more serious. I would certainly contact the veterinarian as significant weight loss in cats and regular vomiting is cause for concern.

Please keep us updated and good luck with her.


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