Will my cat be too stressed by car ride and shots?!

by Amber

I just adopted the best little kitty (Pawter) this past Saturday! He was born on Nov 14th and is the sweetest. I need to get him vaccinated!

If I go home, which is a three hour car ride, I can save at least $30 financially, which would really help.

However that would be a car ride and shots and another car ride back on Sunday! Is that too much stress for him?

I also don't know if I should drive and take him right to the vet or drive, let him calm down, and drive again to the vet. The vet isn't very far.

I don't want to stress my kitty out! Should I just take him to the vet here or do you think he will survive all of the driving and shots for the weekend?

Input would be great!

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Feb 09, 2018
Sweet Face
by: Anonymous

Sweet face and charming name. Short car rides to/from Vets office is always best - that visit is the most stressful - my babies keen smell of canine cousins - not doing it! You can get your previous baby use to traveling otherwise. My 8 year old is a tolerant traveler. A good carrier and gentle trips to destinations that she adapted to too. Much love to your baby!

Feb 07, 2018
stressed cat/amber
by: Anonymous

I agree with Kurt

Feb 07, 2018
Thank You!
by: Amber


I actually did not adopt him from the shelter, but I do believe everything is fine. He just needs to have his fist shots and checkup to make sure :)
I am in my last year of college so my family are actually helping foot my expenses, namely gas! I would just be making a trip home to see my family. So for me and my situation, it actually would be saving me money!
I just wanted to let everyone know more of the situation and also THANK YOU SO MUCH for the response and information! It made me feel better about this decision.

Feb 06, 2018
Kitten ride
by: Kurt (Admin)

Congratulations, or rather, conCATulations on your new kitty! He's adorable. I'm glad to hear you're concerned about his stress level.

Since you've recently adopted him, I assume he was checked out by the shelter and is healthy.

If he were my kitten, I'd prefer to put less stress on him. Kittens are very resilient, though, so if you decide on taking the trip, I would not be too worried about the car ride. I would also be fine with taking him right to the vet at the end of the trip.

After being vaccinated, cats typically rest a bit more than usual, and I always watch for possible reactions, which I'm always reassured are rare. After that, I'd be OK with driving him back.

For me, though, 6 hours in the car would probably take more than $30 worth of gas at current prices. I wouldn't save any money in that scenario. It's break even at best, plus there's the wear on the car and tires. Whatever you decide, good luck with him!

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