My cat can't produce solid stool

by John

I need some feedback to help my 15 year old Coon, Tupper. He is an otherwise healthy animal, but has for a long time not been able to produce solid stool.

I have been to the vet many times and they say from looking at a sample that he has bad gut bugs. Then they try injectable antibiotics and/or metronidizol but the results are that he may improve slightly but otherwise it is pretty much the same.

I am contemplating putting him in a kennel and depriving him of food for a day or two to clear him out and then taking some further actions like a hypo-allergenic food or whatever I can come up with. Has anyone heard whether a fecal transplant is ever done on a cat?

He is slightly overweight, enough that he can't properly clean himself and this is a problem too, under the circumstances. I have trimmed him down before by going to wet food only twice a day but that is a nightmare with his present constitution.

The other problem I have is he is vindictive. Yesterday after a bit of a rough cleaning of his hiney (matted stragglers are no fun to have removed) he let me know he was pissed by dropping a loose one on my bed. I am also pretty sure if I deprive him of food he will spray so I have my hands full. This is why he must be confined if I take away food for a short time.

He has a little brother who is solid as a rock and clean as a whistle. So I have a source for healthy fecal matter if that is advised.

This cat is my MOST prized possession and I think he is good for five more years so I really need a solution. Thanks for listening.

Editor's note: My understanding is that fecal transplants, also called micro-biome restorative therapy (MBRT), are being done on pets, but I believe it's rather cutting edge.

My feeling is that if your current vet isn't coming up with a solution, though, then I would find a new vet that can offer alternatives.

Specifically, I would seek out a specialist. I know that some vets are internal medicine specialists as I've used one myself. There may be another veterinary specialty that's a better fit here, but I don't know for sure. It's certainly something worth looking into.

I'm not sure how extensive the testing has been on Tupper, but perhaps more needs to be done in that area. You might also seek out an integrative or holistic vet that is willing to try alternative methods. Of course, finding a vet that is doing MBRT would be ideal if it's determined that this would help him.

My gut feeling, pardon the pun, is that antibiotics, without a probiotic supplementation of some kind to replace the good bacteria, will put him right back where he was before the antibiotics were administered. From your description, this seems to be happening.

Your cat is probably way beyond this, but I've heard some vets prescribe yogurt, and I know that many cats love it as a treat. The amount of yogurt that would have to be consumed to make a difference, however, might make it more treat than treatment. Your vet will have to weigh in on that one.

Other than MBRT, if your vet agrees, I would look into a combination approach of probiotic supplementation, a change in diet, and perhaps something like yogurt since it can't hurt.

In the meantime, I'd look into shaving his rear end area with some electric clippers with a guard comb, and see if you can up his activity level and slowly change his diet with the idea of getting his weight down.

I hope that helps and I hope you find a solution for Tupper soon,


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HOw is Tupper?
by: Sue

I understand that Tupper had FMT yesterday. How is he doing? My cat underwent same procedure today and waiting to see if it helps. I hope Tupper is feeling better. Poor thing.

Fecal Transplant on Thurs
by: Sue

My 7 1/2 yr old, all black, 19.3 lb cat, Rory, has had pooping problems for 1+ years and chronic diarrhea for past 3-6 months. He's been on 3 different antibiotics (cipro for last 51 days) + 2 different steroids, probiotics, clay, 5 different prescription food, latest being Z/D and nothing has worked. He is scheduled for fecal transplant this Thursday. Fingers crossed that this will work.

Rory is happy, loves eating (and misses his Fancy Feast) but has had this persistent problem that started with his dropping "pooplets" on my bed, licking his bottom, leaving skid marks on towels and sheets I have covering everything and generally, being a messy guy. I don't think Tucker is annoyed --- maybe he's leaving the poop to tell you something. Rory's situation got really bad 3 months ago due to infection and inflammation that resulted in colitis, but now his GI tract looks great on ultrasound, but still straining and dripping daily. Hopefully the FMT will be a success.

I live in the Boston area and my ultrasound vets are going to do the transplant -- their first time. They have a donor who has been tested for everything and has never been on antibiotics. They are following protocol of Scott Weese, Vet, Ontario. See web article: Commentary on key aspects of fecal microbiota transplantation in small animal practice. 2016:7

your poor cat!
by: Anonymous

You might want to visit for natural help. I too have older cats and don't want to subject them to chemicals which ALWAYS have side effects.

Solid stools
by: Tamara

Just a side note: you aren't feeding them milk are you? Cats are lactose intolerant and milk can cause diarrhea and soft stools.

Good Luck!

Tupper is having a Fecal Transplant
by: Kurt (Admin)

Update: Tupper's human says that Tupper is at the vet's getting a fecal transplant from his buddy. Let's see how it goes!

by: Ian Bruce-Douglas

Kurt is right. Antibiotics without supplemental pro-biotics can make things worse than they are. One thing that might work is a nonprescription liquid suspension of kaolin and pectin. This was suggested to me by Alana Miller who runs the Blind Cat Rescue sanctuary in NC. Since my wife and I run a cat sanctuary of our own, I have found Alana’s advice invaluable. (Check out the BCR website. You can watch the kitties in realtime and see how well they get around even though they are blind.) I bought a gallon jug of it online (“Priority Care” brand)...specifically for cats and dogs. It doesn’t always work but it’s worth keeping around for your kitty.

And: considering that your kitty is 15 years old, his digestive tract might just be showing its age. I wouldn’t subject him to a lot more tests and prescription drugs. They probably won’t help and will just leave the poor guy feeling awful and unnecessarily stressed. Also: try offering Tupper more dry-food and less wet. We mix “Iams” and “Friskies” together for our kitties. They are both low-ash, which is important. If Tupper is having dental problems, you can always let the kibble soak in warm water before you feed it to him. You can, also, add some of the juice from a can of wet-food...or the juice (NOT OIL) from a can of tuna for help stimulate his appetite. The idea is to get more bulk into his digestive tract to help tighten his bowels up.

Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

I don't know where you are located but if close to Virginia Tech Animal Teaching hospital, see if your vet will give you a referral. You can only go there by referral. I had a cat with a brain tumor & took him there for a Cat Scan to make sure there was nothing more I could do for him. They are absolutely amazing there, so kind & loving. The clinician that worked with the vet there gave me her work #, her home # and her cell # in case I had any questions while he was there.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything that could be done for my baby. But I know I did everything I could to make sure I couldn't help him. If you can't go there, I'm with another poster who said to find a new vet. At least check around. Good luck & I hope Tupper gets better!!

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