My cat has started tearing up carpet along the baseboard

My cat has started tearing up carpet along the baseboard and chewing on the the loose fibers. She has also lost weight recently and throws up occasionally.

Are these symptoms of anything that you know of?

Editor's note: If she were my cat, I would take her to the vet. A wild guess would be that she's constipated or worse, has some intestinal blockage and the carpet fibers are her way of self-medicating.

Weight loss is always a concern and if she's throwing up more than usual, I think she needs to get checked out. If the vet gives her a clean bill of health, I'd look at getting her some cat grass or maybe a catnip plant to see if she'll chew that.

I'd also work on reducing any anxiety that she might have, in case her behavior is anxiety related. Feliway might help. Increased exercise might help (after the vet clears her).

But I would start with a call to the vet. Good luck with her. Let us know what happens.

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