What's the Best Way to Care for a Cat with a Broken Leg?

This question comes from one of our readers, who needs advice on how to manage the care of a cat with a broken leg. Brenda asks...

Alex and Oliver in the cat tree"(Above) These are Alex (gold one) and Oliver. Our babies."

"Can someone please help me. Alex, who is almost 3 has broken his leg twice within 7 weeks of one another. Same leg. The first time this happened was pure hell for him and the family because of constant supervision and keeping him in the crate. He was confined to a room in a crate all day.

The vet told us to keep him in a small space. We are here again. Is there anyone that has gone through this that can give me some advice as to what to do? It's so hard. Thank you."

If you have any experience with this or have suggestions, please leave a comment for Brenda. And let us know if you have any of your own cat health questions.

Alex the cat with his cast on his leg stretching out

These pictures are from the first time Alex broke his leg. Whoever gets home first lets him out and lets him stretch on the bed.

Alex resting with his human with his cast on his broken leg

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