Does clubfoot cause health problems?

My cat I just recently took in has what is called "clubfoot" - what is usually needed to be done for treatment, and does it cause health problems?

Penny Lane is my newest addition to our family - she was living out of the dumpster at our condo complex (abandoned). She was emaciated, with sores all over her, and hardly any hair, with the most horrifying case of ear mites I've ever seen.

I fell in love with her, scooped her up and took her straight into my home, and treated and cleaned her ears for several weeks. Now ear mite free and a healthy weight with a beautiful, soft coat, she seems super healthy and energetic. She has the most awesome personality and is just beautiful.

I, at first, thought perhaps she was born with broken front feet and maybe it grew in that way in adulthood (not knowing about the condition "clubfoot" till just now).

I want her to have the happiest healthiest life - need more info and advice on this condition and what treatments are available.

Editor's note: Thank you for taking in this cat! I appreciate your dedication and concern.

I don't have any personal experience with this condition. I have heard that some kittens born with this disease don't make it to adulthood.

My limited understanding of this condition is that it can have more than one cause, and that kittens are sometimes treated with casts or splints as corrective measures.

I'm not sure what can be done for an adult cat. I believe that the long term health impact will depend, to some degree, upon the severity of the condition.

I have to ask, before we get ahead of ourselves, though... are we certain it's club foot? Did a veterinarian diagnose this kitty? If so, what recommendations did the veterinarian make?

I wish you much luck with her and I'm hoping that others who have experience with this will chime in and give us some perspective.

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Jun 06, 2017
by: Talesha

Replying here from 2016 with the cats that resembles midgets, my club footed babies are adults now and are still full of life!

Jun 06, 2017
Clubfeet cats rock! :)
by: Erikrisz

I had 2 clubfeet cats. They were twins and both had problems with their hind legs. I fostered them for a few months till I had to leave and - surprise - my landlord took them in. :)
They really have no idea that they are any different than others. because they never had good hind feet, they do not know what they are missing. They are convinced that their life is beautiful and full of adventures and fun!
The funniest was when we picked them up they looked down immediately with a bit of uncertainty. Of course, they can't jump, haven't been that high yet. But they got used to it and loved it. I also leant a wide, flat cat scratcher to a chair... that was their favourite! They were up and down on it non-stop. It took them quiet a few days to learn how to climb up to the top then back down, but persistent enough they learned it.
They are absolutely sweet, I'm SO glad you took that little one in!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 08, 2017
Cat with club foot
by: Anonymous

I adopted a cat with two front clubbed feet - the doctor verified that it is genetic and he is missing a bone in each leg. Willy has no idea there is anything wrong with his front legs and lives like any other cat. He scampers up and down stairs,bats toys around and loves the ball in the circular track, hops up on furniture and jumps from shelf to shelf on the cat pole. Because he can't straighten his front legs, he'said strengthened is rear ones and often sits up like a Prairie dog. The doctor wanted to put permanent splints on his front legs but I chose not to put him thru the surgery. He's a very happy indoor cat, who loves to sit on the cat pole and watch the birds and squirrels in the back yard. He also plays in his "gym", an area filled with toys that keep him moving his front legs.

May 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

I actually have 2 cats with clubbed feet one really bad and one not so bad. The one with the really bad paw I found him on top of the fridge lol, and he's slightly over weight. My cats look like midgets but they are 2 years old and living great. Your cat will be fine love.

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