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Above is a head shot of Teddie Monster cat sitting on the Sony laptop I used to write the very first web page (and many more) for Cat Lovers Only.

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Feb 24, 2015

SadieMae and Percy

SadieMae is 7 years old. I adopted her big-self 5 years ago when her elderly owner passed away. She is a puppy-cat because she often behaves like a dog.

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Feb 24, 2015

Hansel Taking A Big Yawn After A Nap

Hansel has been snoozing in the sink since he was about a year old. He also likes to have me barely turn on the cold water tap so it is a tiny drizzle

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Feb 24, 2015

Hansel and Gretel Sharing The Sink

We have had Hansel and Gretel for 13 years now in Kitty Time. They share everything with each other pretty well and they were from the same litter when

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Feb 21, 2015

This is Nicholas

He is my boo boo kitty.

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Feb 21, 2015

Sweetpea from San Marcos

In Loving Memory of Sweetpea, one of the greatest loves of my life. RIP My Little Angel August 10, 1989 - February 17, 2004 The Rainbow Bridge by Sue

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Feb 20, 2015

17 Cats Who Love to Hang Out in the Bathroom Sink

Cats love sinks. For your viewing pleasure, here are 17 cats in sinks, or as I like to call it, the porcelain hammock.

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Feb 17, 2015

16 year old neutered male cat started urinating in the house

My cat was given to me by my neighbor a few years ago. He is 16 now. He was outdoor only when she gave him to us and that was good because my husband is

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Feb 14, 2015

Angel from San Marcos

One year ago today, Angel accidentally got out and a mean, evil person did something terrible (may the same fate greet him on judgement day). Angel was

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Jan 31, 2015

Featured Kitties for January, 2015

Say meow to the featured kitties for January, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

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Jan 30, 2015

Curious Ace

Ace is a loving cat who is very curious. He is always looking for something to get into.

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Jan 30, 2015

Little Bit from San Marcos

Those who love to be held are the hardest to let go of. I'm NOT supposed to be here, doing THIS! I want to scream at heaven - you robbed me of an 8 year

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Jan 26, 2015

Spice from Jackson

Today, 1/26/2015, my Spice passed away. She was a yellow tabby with big green eyes. I found her 13 years ago at the place where I worked. When I came in

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Jan 17, 2015

Why is my 17 year old cat behaving strangely?

This is Minina, my beautiful cat. She is going to be 18 years old in August. Lately, she has been doing odd things, like lying on the litter. She screams

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Jan 14, 2015

My kitty has an ongoing tummy rash

Hi kitty lovers. My 12-yr-old Precious has had a bad rash for a few months now on her lower belly. She has had 4 steroid shots from the vet. Does anyone

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Jan 11, 2015

My cat's paws shake or tremor a few seconds

My cat is 12 years old, and I notice that when she is lying down, her back paws sometimes shake. Now today I notice her front paw doing it. She has been

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