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Picture of Teddie cat on laptop headshot
Above is a head shot of Teddie Monster cat sitting on the Sony laptop I used to write the very first web page (and many more) for Cat Lovers Only.

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May 22, 2015

Botje The Cat

This is a series of videos I made myself. I put in a lot of love and I enjoy making them. I hope you do too! YouTube

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May 22, 2015

Lux from Texas

I saved my baby from the park, extremely malnourished and dying. She pulled me out of an extreme depression, and I named her Lux because it means light

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May 15, 2015

P Diddy from Sacramento

P Diddy was so sweet and Loving. He weighed twenty pounds. He has a Mama and little brother, who Love and miss him very much. We are a pack, and P Diddy

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May 15, 2015

Katra, the momma of 15

Hi, I am Katra and I am very playful and sweet. Can you believe I look this good after having this many kids? I keep in shape, especially because my human

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May 03, 2015

Chibbs from Michigan

Chibbs is an 8 month old white Devon Rex. In this pic he was 6 months old. I work at an assisted living facility, and he goes there to visit with the

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May 03, 2015

Five from Washington

We found Five 7 years ago at a local animal shelter. She was approximately 2 years old when we got her. It wasn't a love connection at first. We didn't

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May 03, 2015

Dinky from Washington

We found Dinky at a local animal shelter in 2001 when she was 9 months old. She was a very shy cat. She hid from us for many months after we brought her

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Apr 30, 2015

Featured Kitties for April, 2015

Say meow to the featured kitties for April, 2015. These pictures were all contributed by visitors who want to show off their babies. Enjoy and show them some love!

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Apr 20, 2015

Bastet Little Cat Rescue

Bastet Little Cat Rescue is a small, private, non-profit rescue located in Lakeland, FL. Our mission is to help control pet overpopulation. We do this

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Apr 20, 2015

Outdoor cat has whole yard, but pees and poops at back door

We live in a quiet neighborhood with a dead-end surrounded by canals. Our cat has the whole backyard to pee and poop in, including sandy, earthy patches

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Apr 20, 2015

My little Princess

This is Elsie, my princess. My daughter rescued her from the streets and adopted her into the family. She is very playful.

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Apr 20, 2015

Mochachina the Kitty

Mocha is a tortoiseshell cat. She is black with brown patches. She has a small white spot on her chest. I told my boyfriend that I always wanted a calico

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Apr 14, 2015

House of the Rising Star Art Studio

I am the happy Cat Mama to 4 feline friends. Fluffer 18, Zimmy 9, Betty Boop 6 and Princess 4. I am a potter and folk art painter, and one of my passions

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Apr 11, 2015

Spookie from Havana

Spookie was born to a feral mom in 2012. The other kittens from the litter were caught and found homes. I called her Spookie for two reasons. First, she

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Apr 10, 2015

Pepe Le Pew

Pepe is a tuxedo cat who is a rescue. I gave it a week to come up with a name. During that time, I noticed he had a little gas problem that made me exclaim,

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