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These cat breed pictures show just some of the diversity and beauty exhibited by the many different domestic cat breeds. The variation not only in coat length, colors and patterns, but head shapes and body styles is amazing.

I'll be uploading some images myself, but...

If you're lucky enough to be owned by a purebred cat, are a breeder, or have any photos of purebreds, I invite you to make this site better by uploading your photos.

Seal Point Himalayan kitten face

Seal Point Himalayan Kitten




British Shorthair

Cit the British Shorthair 150 thumb




Japanese Bobtail


Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest Cat


Russian Blue




Turkish Angora

Turkish Van

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Would you like to share a picture of a cat of a particular breed with us? You can. It's easy. First, enter a description and a story about the picture. Enter some basic information, such as the name of the cat in the photo, and anything else you'd like us to know.

Important! Make sure you tell us what breed the cat is, and include the coat color and pattern. You can also tell us when the pic was taken and where, how old the cat is, or something interesting about the cat as well. People love to read cat stories! Then, upload the picture below.

Submitted Pictures Of Cat Breeds

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Standard Korat 
Korat are unique among cats. They are an ancient breed which were given as a gift, in pairs, to newly weds. They are content to stick right beside you …

Is my cat a Snowshoe? 
Hello... I'm not sure what breed my kitty is, but thought he may be a Snowshoe. Hopefully, I'll get some insight. I've had my kitty since he was only …

Pumpkin the Bumper 
This is Pumpkin, named for her color, like a Pumpkin... she is now 4 years old, and a Maine Coon Cat. She is a long haired cat. My husband got her from …

I think this is a Seal Point Snowshoe kitten 
He's very affectionately and playful. I adopted him 2 weeks ago from the shelter. I'm posting because I was wondering if his dark feet means he is not …

Lily the Chocolate Point Siamese 
Lily was found at three months and taken to the local shelter. She is quiet for a Siamese... she meows only when she wants to eat. She is very gentle …

Meet Ms Daisy the British Blue 
Her name is Ms Daisy. A very spoilt cat. She is 7 years old and very cuddly. Loves to sit on my lap while I am working on the computer or watching TV. …

Gino AKA G Baby: seal point Cymric 
Gino is about 4 years old. I found Gino up for adoption on a website and I had to have him. When I picked him up I found out that he was declawed on all …

Picture of Victoria the Ragdoll 
I adopted Victoria as a retired Ragdoll from a breeder. I lost my old cat back in June. She is a sweet girl. Editor's note: Thanks, Jean, for sharing …

Picture of Jade the Bombay 
This is our male Bombay cat named Jade. I also call him my Tuxedo cat. He was a stray who came to live with us, and when I brought him to the vet the …

Picture: Kasha, a Birman mix 
Kasha was adopted from the local rescue/shelter at age 8. She's the princess at our house, such a beauty with her big blue eyes and four white feet. …

Picture: My Bengal Boy, Charlie! 
Charlie Ferguson Xavier Larson. That is his full name. I got him from a breeder, but the rest of my future "kids" will be rescues from now on. Charles, …

Precious the Norwegian Forest Cat 
Just a few more pics of our little king-of-the-window sill named Precious. You can read his story under, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful".

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful! 
Precious came crawling towards us very low to the ground from our neighbor's driveway. It was a shy crawl that begged for attention. We were backing out …

Me and My Maggie 
I was lucky after having 2 of my cats stolen to be given the op to look after this little beauty. Her name is Maggie and she is very affectionate and talkative …

My Maine Coon as a kitten 
I named him itty bitty because he was so small.

Calico Tabby Photos Princess 
Here is Princess a 10 month old cat being silly in the bathroom.

Big Creek Farm's Buckshot Pixie Bob 
Buckshot was born here on our farm (2010) and is our first King to be born here and going to be our founding king here and to be with Thumbalina in the …

Big Creek Farm's Thumbalina Pixie Bob 
Thumbalina is my first born and raised here at our farm with our name and will be our founding Queen in our cattery . Watch for her babies in 2011. For …

LaPerm LH Black Tabby/White 
Elvita Aquila Altairral*A LH female LaPerm, black tabby /white was born here, May 27,2009 at a litter of 4-2 male, 2 female kittens to our LH LaPerm stud …

My Leo American Shorthair 
Leo is an American short hair cat and he is my baby. You see for two weeks a big female cat had been jumping on my balcony, I guess because the weather …

Bengal Tabby Cat (Hyper) 
9 month old Bengal cat named Hyper. He is cute, intelligent, and super active.

Cute Calico Tabby Cleopatra 
Well I was dressing her up and she made such a cute face I had to get a picture! Her name is Cleopatra, AKA: Patra, shes a year old and she is a calico/tabby. …

Oreo taking a break Not rated yet
Active li'l kitty.

Lil' Bit Not rated yet
She was the runt out of 5 kittens, had her fixed at an early age. She's now 8 years old.

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Nilla Bean: Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal mix Not rated yet
This blue eyed beauty was born in the summer of 2012. Her mom is a Bengal mix and dad a black domestic short hair. She's very playful with other cats …

Resting after a long day of playing Not rated yet
Maggie (12 yrs) and Brody (1 yr), my two Maine Coons relaxing together. Editor's note: Thanks, Shirley! They're very sweet and their coats look beautiful! …

Meet Zoey, Our Ragdoll Cat Not rated yet
Zoey is a year old and very affectionate. This Ragdoll breed was the perfect choice for my family. Editor's note: Thanks, Sarah! Zoey is quite the looker! …

My Maine Coon/Tuxedo Kitties Not rated yet
Lynx, black and white and Nox, the solid black longhair are brothers. These brothers are so loving to each other and to us. They haven't realized yet …

Cit the British Shorthair Not rated yet
Cit (Christopher), was given as a Valentines day gift due to the heart shaped patch on his side. As a kitten he was tiny, but soon grew to be a huge 15 …

Meet Butter Cup the Mackerel Tabby Not rated yet
My cat is a 5 month old cream colored, mackerel tabby, with tiger strips. His name is Butter Cup! He was waiting for a treat when I took this (first) …

Picture: Shadow, loves high places Not rated yet
This is a picture of my 5 yr old all black Japanese bobtail cat . She loves to sit atop high places and loves attention. She doesn't come down until she …

Picture: Turkish Angora from Macedonia Not rated yet
It's a dog-like cat... very interesting and amazing personality... very distinctive from the other cat I have (which breed I don't know). Editor's note: …

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Seal Point Birman cat face

Seal Point Birman Cat

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