Pet Promise Cat Food

Pet Promise cat food promises no by-products, and uses quality meat sources in their food. Offered in both dry and wet canned varieties, their product line is designed to appeal to health and environmentally conscious pet owners.

Update October 2009: The Pet Promise brand is being discontinued. As of January 2010, Pet Promise will no longer be available for sale. If you know of an alternative product that you think is of quality, please add your cat food review to the site.

Pet Promise is made from real meat and poultry, sourced from farms that raise their animals with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. Natural meat or poultry is their lead ingredient on every product label.

They use no meat or poultry meals (no rendered meat) and no byproduct meals to make their cat food.

Pet Promise cat food bag

When making pet food, the less processing the better.

Pet Promise undergoes less processing than some other cat foods.

Since it doesn’t include rendered or recycled meats, fats, or poultry, it’s only cooked once.

No rendered meats and no by-products means that their food contains none of the 4D meats (dead, dying, disabled, or diseased) seen in some other pet foods.

The company currently offers several wet canned cat food products, with US raised poultry and wild caught fish. Their dry food line includes a cat food for overweight cats or seniors, and their "Daily Health" formula for cats and kittens.

The Company And Their Promise

If you're looking for a more green pet food company (difficult to find sometimes) the company promotes eco-friendly practices. The company is sending a message to the marketplace with their mission (their promise) with a goal of "changing the way farm animals are raised and companion animals are fed."

As such, they use no factory-farm meat or poultry. In fact, the company was formed with the intention of helping US family farmers, so meat is purchased from local and regional farms.

The founders of Pet Promise didn't start out to form a pet food company. They set out to help U.S. family farmers and ranchers who show a commitment to quality and sustainability standards and the humane treatment of animals.

They support over 1,500 US family farmers who use natural sustainable farming methods. The company prides itself on having eliminated millions of doses of antibiotics and millions of doses of growth hormones fed to livestock.

Pet Promise is endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, MD. He feels that raw food diets under-deliver nutrition, and that by-products should not be incorporated into pet food.

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