Friskies is fine

by Anonymous
(The USA)

When I first got my cat, she wouldn't eat any cat food. We tried Friskies and she loved it. It was the only cat food she would eat.

Editor's note: Thanks for speaking up! I have heard this from a number of cat owners. Either their cat will only eat Friskies, or it's the only food their cat will eat when they're not feeling good.

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by: Steven in winder

There is something in the gravy that cats just love, but the food is plasticized, non-nutritious crap. Commercial food and all of its added synthetic vitamins is not something that will provide your loved one with optimal health.

It will be a cold day in _ _ _ _ that I will feed corn gluten, poultry by products, corn gluten meal, soy, wheat, etc. to an animal that requires 90 percent protein. Real turkey, chicken, beef, organ meats, fish is what all of my cats crave.

They get Wellness Salmon-Turkey Formula along with Blue's Wilderness Formula as well as all the meat mentioned above served raw of course. The ferals also get a little canned Friskies with the amino acids Taurine and L-Lysine capsules sprinkled and mixed in.

My six feral cats out back look healthier than most people's indoor commercially-fed pets! When it comes to pet food, nothing good comes from a cheap bag of commercial food (with the exception of Science Diet, Eukanuba and Iams. Those are EXPENSIVE bags of crap).

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