Blue Buffalo Wilderness

by Angela
(Atlanta, GA)

A month and a half ago I started feeding my cats (I have four of them) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Formula. One of my cats has a food allergy and Wilderness is corn and gluten free. It's real high quality stuff; high in protein with deboned chicken, chicken meal, and fish meal among the first five ingredients.

The primary carb source is sweet potato starch. But what it doesn't contain is also important ... NO chicken by-product meal!

And, best of all, they really love eating it.

I found that all three of them have more energy now, and they play more. I've noticed much, much reduced shedding in one of my DSH females who used to lose enough hair every time I petted her to make another cat with. All of them have shinier softer coats and I haven't been finding yacked up hair balls around the house.

The only negative comments I have are these: A) Blue Buffalo is expensive; 3 times what I used to pay for a big bag of Meow Mix. B) I can only get it at Petsmart or PetCo.

Since I like the results I'm seeing in my cats, I'll likely continue shelling out the dough on Blue. Maybe if it were more widely distributed, the price would go down ... but then the quality might start to suffer too.

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Thanks for the review!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for your review, Angela. I'm glad to hear that your kitties are doing well with their new food choice.

And you bring up two of the most important sticking points when it comes to buying premium cat food...

Price and availability. Price is often a big barrier, and especially so in recent years with the recession.

Availability relates to convenience. If you can buy your cat food while grocery shopping, then it becomes that much easier. Taking time to go to a pet store, like PetSmart or PETCO is one more hurdle.

My cats love Blue!
by: Dances With Cats

I've been feeding my cats Blue Buffalo Healthy Living kibble ("with LifeSource Bits") for the last couple of months, and my tribe love it. I've been feeding premium brand cat foods since they were kittens, so I didn't find the cost ($18 for a 6-pound bag at my local independent pet store) unusually high. I love the fact that it's grain-free, and my boycat--who has a very tender tummy and can get mad diarrhea at the drop of a hat--is tolerating it very well.

(I do feed premium canned food as well. I look for unusual protein sources like venison or rabbit, because my boycat tolerates those well, too.)

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