Mama Cat Chooses Purina SmartBlend!

by Rosemary
(San Antonio, TX)

My cats have been doing really well on Purina SmartBlend Indoor Advantage and Healthy Metabolism.

Years ago I completed the Hill's Veterinary Nutritional Consultant program and I was a Nutro representative for several years.

Those are out of my price range these days. However, I've used what I learned in choosing my cat's food.

Get away from fillers; they just go right through the cat. Avoid artificial coloring as they can hurt your pet. When you find the formula your cat(s) likes, don't go switching foods around.

Any change in diet takes about 10 days. Many cats have stomach problems otherwise. Foods have improved so much in the past several decades.

Feed what is age-appropriate. If your cat starts having problems, see your vet. The prescription diets are awesome and can extend the length and quality of life.

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