Cat Food Recommendation: Natures Menu

by Catman
(England, London)

The kitten version has a vitamin complex. All have minimum 70 percent meat and my cat sleeps well after a pouch... I won't use standard cat food at 11 percent meat. Meowlie actually growls if anyone comes near him while he eats it. :)

Update: Editor's note: After a bit of confusion over Nature's Garden versus Natures Menu, and then further confusion over two products with similar names, I believe I have this sorted out. I'm renaming the original URL to reflect the correct product name. Please read on...

natures:menu versus Nature's Menu

OK, I've determined that the cat food that our reader, Catman has recommended is natures:menu and uses the tag line "Real food pets love."

They make both dog and cat food, including canned food for dogs, and they have some amusing commercials on Youtube, although they'd be better if they used lots of cats instead of dogs. Just my opinion. :)

They position their cat food in a pouch as "a premium natural food for cats." Notice that in that video, he mentions that it's "cooked in a pouch."

They also have information on the benefits of feeding raw food to pets, and the UK BARF Club (BARF = bones and raw food).

On their website, they state:

"Established in 1981 as Anglian Meat Products Ltd, Natures Menu Petfoods has been improving its range of quality petfoods for 30 years."

Their cat food is available in UK at some stores (although the store locator was broken when I tried it) and online as well. It looks like you can order right from their
site, and they have distributors as far away as New Zealand.

Petsathome offers the kitten and adult cat food products from natures:menu (once at their site, search under "Wet Cat Food" to find it) as well.

Here's the ingredient list for the Chicken and Turkey cat food pouch:

Chicken min. 43%. Turkey min. 28%. Minerals. Various sugars.

That's it.

OK, 'nuff said.

Now... there is another product called Nature's Menu, which is a raw cat food product (they have dog food too). It looks like this product is available in some US states at various pet boutiques in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Louisiana.

You can, however, order from their website as they ship direct (to US locations). The company is based in Wisconsin and has a toll free order line posted on their website.

Their meat products are made into 1/4 lb. patties. On their site, they state:

"...our two veterinary nutritionists have formulated a superior blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements which is added to the diets to exceed the daily recommended nutritional needs of dogs and cats in all stages of life."

So that's that (I think!).

Just to confuse us even further, "Tail Waggers TV" posted this video below on Youtube on using the natures:menu Blended Nuggets (vegetables) along with some "Prize Choice Raw Meats" (also by the makers of natures:menu) as a suggestion for dogs, but didn't post the name of the company correctly.

But... the bag she holds up clearly shows which product she's talking about, and a check of their site and the fact that they're in Ireland makes it clear... it's natures:menu.

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Sep 29, 2011
by: Catman

Oops I meant nature's menu. Silly Catman.
petsathome have the kitten product on their site.

Editor's note: OK, thanks, Catman! I'm doing some investigating. So far, what I've learned is that there are at least two different product lines marketed with similar names.

One is "natures:menu" which is has cat and kitten food, as well as dog food and is sold in UK. That's the one that's 70 percent meat and yes, they have it at the petsathome website.

The other is "Nature's Menu" which I believe is a raw food diet and is sold in the US and perhaps elsewhere.

When I get it all sorted out, I'll create a new page (maybe 2) that shows your recommendation and hopefully clears up any confusion for anyone searching out these products. If I get it wrong, hopefully someone will come along and correct me at that time.

Oh, and if you signed up to get notification on updates to this page, that will break when I delete it. So, you'll have to watch the blog page for updates.

Thanks for your patience and your input!

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