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Do cats get moles or warts? 
My Whitey has a couple of what feel like moles or warts on his body, they are colorless and kind of hard feeling. Anyone have any ideas on what they …

Why do cats imitate each other's poses? 
I have two cats. One is a 2 year old calico, long haired cat, the other is a short haired tuxedo. They tend to lay next to each other like bookends …

My 2 cats follow me from room to room and meow 
My 2 cats are healthy, well fed, have a clean litter box and get lots of attention, but they follow me from room to room and meow. It's driving me nuts... …

How can you tell if kittens are playing too rough? 
I have (2) 10 month old male kittens. They are brothers from the same litter. I realize it's normal for them to stalk and attack each other, but how …

My cats decided to fight all night 
For a week now I have kept the two cats separated. They take turns in a dog kennel where they can see each other and in the rest of the house. One …

Cat aggression before meal time 
My partner and I have a cat named Samantha. We adopted her two years ago and found her on the street near to my house in Butuan City, Philippines in my …

My cat can't produce solid stool 
I need some feedback to help my 15 year old Coon, Tupper. He is an otherwise healthy animal, but has for a long time not been able to produce solid stool. …

Is my cat's food causing weight gain? 
My girlfriend has a female overweight cat that is about 7 yrs old. When the female was younger, she needed hip surgery. I recently got a male kitten that …

What causes mouth ulcers in a cat? 
My cat is 11 years old and has always been healthy, but she suddenly began developing mouth ulcers. The vet thinks it is a virus. She is wanting to …

My kitten won't let me sleep at night 
Hi! I need your help, fellow cat lovers! My kitten, 5 months old, still doesn't let me sleep at night. Like clockwork he wakes me up at about 4 and …

Do cats experience separation anxiety? 
I am sure this is not an isolated situation due to the state of our economy. I was a homeowner that had 4 cats, 2 sisters that adopted me in 2001. A …

How to introduce a stray cat into the house with another cat? 
Anyone with experience introducing a stray cat into the house with another cat? I brought in an abandoned cat about four weeks ago and my inside cat …

Why does my kitten not let me cuddle her? 
We have two cats, Declan (part ragdoll, a cuddly fella, to me anyway). He is constantly wanting cuddles from me and I am always willing to cuddle him. …

Question about cat aggression 
Hello Cat Lovers, I have a few questions about cat aggression. This morning I sat at my PC, when I heard angry cat sounds from the bathroom (never heard …

Why does my cat lick my face? 
Why does my cat, Miss Kitty, lick my face for a long time till it's wet, and she licks my hair till it's soaked?

Was my cat killed by a wild animal? 
How often do cats get killed and disemboweled by wild animals? We need help trying to decide if our cat was killed by some wild animal or worse; by an …

Cat Breeding Question - Mother and Son Cats 
Cat breeding question - mother and son cats? I hope someone can help, I have just been asked to look after my daughter's two cats long term. However, they …

Is My Cat Extraordinary or Not? 
When I tell people the things my cat does, they look at me like I'm crazy. That makes me wonder if I have a cat that is truly more intelligent than normal. …

Is my cat pregnant? 
Is my cat pregnant? She's been sleeping and eating a lot and her tummy's getting bigger.

Why do cats like people who don't like cats? 
A reader asks: I don't like cats and they are always around me. Why is that? It's a common occurrence. You're at a home where a bunch of people have …

Has anyone used the Emery Cat board? 
Has anyone used the Emery Cat board scratcher? There are many complaints posted online about the Emery Cat scratcher, so I thought I'd throw this question …

My cats refuse to get on :( Not rated yet
I have 2 14 year old cats. They are brother and sister. They get on great. Well, when I say great, they live side by side if that makes sense. Lucy …

After giving birth how soon can a cat become pregnant again? Not rated yet
We have a wild cat with 3 babies that are about 4 months old. When can the mother cat become pregnant again and when do we need to have the babies spayed …

How to get my kitty back from my sister? Not rated yet
I love my little Cliffy-butt, and had some problems last Aug '12. I was hospitalized and my sister retrieved my cat from my motel room (as I had fainted). …

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What should I do about my cat's kittens? Not rated yet
My cat Tiger is such a sweet cat. I play with her all the time. She was pregnant and had kits. I hoped I could see them at first, but Tiger had them …

Relocating a cat Not rated yet
Hi :) I have raised an orphaned kitten since she was 2-3 weeks old. She's had op and has been raised indoors in an apartment with no other animals. …

My cat is chewing on cords Not rated yet
Will someone tell me how to stop this problem of chewing on cords? Editors' note: Some cats are chewers for sure. In young cats, s/he may be teething, …

Do cats need salt to live? Not rated yet
Do cats need salt to live? Editor's note: The short answer Austin, is yes, in small quantities. Cats are mammals, just like humans, and share some of …

Using the furniture for a litter box Not rated yet
I have a male and female cat. The male tends to be my cat and the female is more my husband's cat. Just recently, in the last 6 months, the female who …

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