Will catnip spray work to wean cats out of the bed?

by Anonymous

Will catnip sprayed on new cat beds work to wean cats out of the bed? My boyfriend sleeps with his three Siamese cats. We want to wean them out of his bed and bedroom before we move in together.

I read that catnip sprayed on anything will help. We are thinking about buying cat beds, placing them out of the bedroom, and spraying them with catnip.

I know every breed is different, so do you think it will work with them? And roughly how long would it take for these Siamese until they get it the bedroom is off limits?

I also read that the reason cats sleep on top of their humans is for warmth, which makes sense, because my boyfriend says in the summer they fight (not literally) to sleep on the window sills that face the sun.

So, if we place the cat beds on a warm spot, they would like it, wouldn't they?

If you do not recommend this method (spraying catnip), what can be done to train them to sleep in another room?

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