Where can I find a cat with bunny ears?

by Erik
(Mexico City)

Well, the fact is I would like to know where I can find a baby like this! If somebody knows, please tell me! (email address removed).

Editor's note:

I don't think you'll find an animal like this, Erik.

My preliminary research on this (after listening to my gut feeling) tells me that this is a manipulated image, called "kitty bitty bunny."

As far as I can tell, it was created as part of a photo effects contest and posted to worth1000.com. According to the "author's note," the entry was made from three different images taken from sxc.hu.

This photo took 1st place entry in the "Sickening Cute 4" photo contest. Orginally at http://www.worth1000.com/entries/406540/kitty-bitty-bunny, Worth1000 is now part of Design Crowd.

It seems this entry was either lost in the switch over, or perhaps when Worth1000 had a hard disk crash. In any case, none of the searches I've done pull up the entry now.

There have been many reports and stories over the years about an animal that is a combination of a cat and a rabbit. Sometimes referred to as a "cabbit," to my knowledge no creature like this exists or could exist. Cat and rabbit are too far apart in DNA.

Perhaps genetic engineering will get to that point some day, but I hope not.

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Jul 08, 2017
fennec fox
by: Anonymous

a fennec fox is as close as you'll get- but they're very hard to take care of. and they aren't actually cats. but hey, they're cute like one!

Dec 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

It was a bunny in norway that did have a child with a cat and got long ears, it's only one of them. And it is that cat on the picture

Mar 22, 2015
A breed of cat that looks like a Cabbit?
by: Anonymous

A breed of cat that maybe at one point was called a Cabbit was a Manx cat. Manx have no tails so they tend to hop sometimes. I think that is the closest you will find to a cat that looks part rabbit. Of course this breed is not part rabbit. The Manx breed just looks like the back end looks similar to a rabbits back end. I don't think you will find those big huge ears on a cat. There are many cute cats and rabbits out there just keep searching until you find the one you like. Good luck.

Feb 16, 2013
Who edits the editor?
by: Anonymous

What is manipulated? Who edits the editor?

Editor's note: To answer your questions...

Q. What is manipulated?

A. If you click the link I included above to show the (apparent) source of the image, you'll see that the post on Worth1000 indicates that this photo was created from 3 different images.

That's sometimes referred to as "image manipulation." Photoshop (or use the image manipulation software of your choice) a picture of a bunny, a cat, and a hand, and you've got a contest entry.

The original question was about finding a creature like the one in the photo. All the information I have tells me that it doesn't exist. This is simply a work of art.

Q. Who edits the editor?

A. Visitors like you keep the editor (me) in check. Other than that, I am self-editing.

I hope that helps clarify.

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