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Matilda (II) the Ragdoll cat

Matilda the Ragdoll Cat in her native environment: at The Algonquin Hotel in New York City
Photo Credit: Press Photo Algonquin Hotel, NYC


Caera the Mitted Ragdoll

Caera the Mitted Ragdoll / CC 2.0


Mindy, a lilac tortie Ragdoll cat

Mindy, a lilac tortie Ragdoll cat.
Photo Credit: Public domain


Mork, a blue colorpoint Ragdoll cat

Mork, a blue colorpoint Ragdoll cat.
Photo credit: Public domain

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Isa the seal tortie mid bicolour Ragdoll 
Hi! I'm Isa. I am a seal tortie mid bicolour Ragdoll. The "mid bicolour" (or mid-high white bicolour) means that I have a bit more white in my fur than …

My beautiful Abbie is as sweet as she is beautiful Not rated yet
This is my beauty queen. She is 38 weeks and so loving and affectionate. She fills my life with joy, and she is such a good friend.

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More About The Breed

In the 1960s, Ann Baker was developing a new cat breed in California based on a white Persian named Josephine. Josephine is sometimes alternatively described as a white angora or longhair. Wikipedia describes her as a "nonpedigreed white domestic longhaired cat."

After quite a bit of breeding, the result is a beautiful, friendly and docile, semi-longhair with a non-matting coat, in many color and point variations. The Ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

Early on, rumor and speculation about the actual origin of the breed caused difficulty in official acceptance. This was compounded by tales of genetic alterations as well as legal issues. Breeders formed more than one association and line, one of which eventually became a similar looking cat, the Ragamuffin.

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