Ragdoll Cat Videos

A collection of Ragdoll cat videos for your entertainment. Adult cats dealing with puppies, conflict, and kittens discovering themselves in the mirror show both the tolerant and silly side of these big fluffy kitties.

Ragdolls are said to love spending time with their people, and often follow them from room to room, and join them in bed at night. As some of these videos show, they may also be highly trainable.

Can you train your Ragdoll to walk on a leash? The infamous Ugo Chan goes for a walk on a leash, eats some plants, and sees a squirrel. Good times.

Ragdoll kitten videos

Adult Ragdoll cat videos

Ragdoll Kitten Videos

Here's a Ragdoll kitten named Mr. Bigglesworth, who thinks his reflection in the mirror is an enemy to be dealt with. The name Mr. Bigglesworth, of course, belonged to the Sphynx cat in the Mike Myers Austin Powers films.

Those films are spy film spoofs, and that Sphynx, being hairless, was a spoof of the very furry Persian cat that James Bond's nemesis, Blofeld was always petting.

Abu plays fetch. Yeah, he's a big kitten, but he'll get bigger. Ragdolls, like other large domestic cat breeds, take a while to mature and reach full size. It takes about two years for full adult coat color to set in, and up to four years for full weight and size.

Enter the infamous Colby, attack cat, destroyer of ottomans.

Ragdoll Cat Videos

One of my dreams is for every cat who is born to have a window seat, which of course is another way of saying the purrfect home.

It looks like these two beautiful Ragdoll cats, Jake and Elwood, in the video below have achieved that dream. The Blues Brothers seem quite happy. Blues... Get it?

It's Jangles the Himalayan and Colby the Ragdoll playing with a favorite toy of most cats... a box and packing materials. Colby is the same Ragdoll who, as a kitten, was trying to destroy the leather ottoman.

Any cat that can be this tolerant and show this much patience with Chihuahuas deserves an award!

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