A Collection of Fun Cat Stuff

In search of fun cat stuff? Me too.

On this page I am building a collection of fun things to do with, for, or regarding, what else? Cats.

To me, of course, cats are a lot of fun no matter what. I can have fun just watching a cat sleep.

Of course, spending quality time with your cat while she is awake is a blast.

In fact, I was just having fun with Jazzy, throwing a ball or four, and then playing a game of chase.

I have to say, there's nothing like chasing a cat around the house, or being chased by one, to humble you.

Clearly, the athlete in the family has four legs, fur, and whiskers. The two-legged just can't compete, that much is certain.

With my Olympic hopes crushed by an 11 pound feline, I guess it's back to shoveling cat litter, and being chief engineer in charge of the can opener.

You, on the other hand, can enjoy some...

Pages of cat fun...

The Aristocats Special Edition DVD
The Aristocats Special Edition DVD shows off this Disney classic with some fun bonus features. Here's my review.

Cat games
Games related games for humans and felines.

101 Dalmatians Special Edition DVD
No one brings animated animal characters to life like Disney. Sgt. Tibbs helps Pongo and Perdita save the pups.

CATS the Musical
Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical CATS.

Famous Cartoon Cats
These are some famous cartoon cats that we've come to know over the years.

Funny Cat Pictures
Take a look at these funny cat pictures and go create some of your own.

Even More Funny Cats
Funny cats are posing for you.

Funny Cat Videos
Crazy cats caught on video.

Video catnip
Videos and DVD's for cats keep your cat occupied in front of the TV while you're away.

Cat coloring pages
Cat and kitten coloring pages are a fun and creative way to celebrate the cat lover in you.

How to draw a cat
Use these resources to learn how to draw a cat.

Pet lovers dating service
Looking to date? Meet other pet lovers.

Pictures of My Cats
Pictures of the little furry creatures who inspired me to create this website.

Other Websites with Fun Cat Stuff

Cat and kitten ecards
Send cat and kitten ecards from 123greetings.com to your friends and family.

Cat Portraits from Portraits Online
Chris Mosely of Portraits Online will do cat portraits from your photos. Want to see one of your cat's pictures as a portrait? Or perhaps you have several good pictures of more than one cat that you'd like to see in the same portrait?

Got any fun cat stuff of your own to share? Stories? Activities, places to go, or things to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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