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Funny Sphynx is SpartacusTo the best of my knowledge, the cat in the picture is not named Spartacus. I just thought it would be a cute name for such an interesting looking creature.

Looking for cute names for your fur-baby? Other visitors submitted these suggestions. A big thank you to all who have submitted!

See if you can find inspiration in these for yourself. After you've named your kitty, feel free to come back and submit your own.

Some of the names here were submitted with explanation/comments, others not, and some were submitted a-nony-mousely.

Unfortunately, none of these were submitted with pictures, and while some who submitted left commentary, it's just a few lines.

So, they don't really warrant a full page. But, it's still interesting to see what others have named their cats, so I've put them in this collection. These are listed in chronological order, from oldest to newest received.

Name: Stitch

By: A-nony-mouse

We rescued Stitch from a tree in the middle of nowhere as a kitten. We were trying to come up with names, but we didn't really like anything. Being that he was a kitten, he was getting into a bunch of things he wasn't suppost to and broke some things.

Then one of my family members called him a little monster, so being the Disney fan I am, that sparked the idea of Stitch. He still lives up to his name by staying in trouble, but afterwards gives you a bunch of loving.

Name: Caius

By: A-nony-mouse

Caius (pronounce Kay-us) was a character in a book we were reading. But as he was the third cat to be added to the house and a lot more energetic than our aging cats, we assumed he'd cause a little chaos. And he did. But now the name Caius fits perfectly!

Name: Coco

By: A-nony-mouse

I used to have a cat named Coco, because she was very sweet, and smelled a bit like Coco Puffs. I then called her Coconut, Coco for short.

Name: Denzel

By: Pam

From: Bergenfield, NJ

It was a unique name.

Name: Casper

By: A-nony-mouse

Black cat.

Name: Millie

By: A-nony-mouse

Name: Chester

By: Callie,

From: GA

When one of our cats passed away, we got him for our other cat's company.

Name: Smittems

By: Christian

Smittems was a calico American Shorthair I used to call her smit then one day I came home and I found her sticking her head in an oven mitt. I thought that was funny so I put smit and mitten together and added an s.

Name: Baby

By: Katie

From: Sacramento, CA

She's the of the most beautiful gifts that my life has ever given me. =)

Name: Fender

By: A-nony-mouse

I chose it because its the name of a guitar company I use.

Name: Izzy

By: Briony,

From: Ayrshire, Scotland

We adopted Izzy and she was named before hand, although strangely enough we had chosen the name Izzy already!

Name: Rafaella Gabriella Sarsaparilla

By: A-nony-mouse

From Schoolhouse Rock. (Although there it's spelled Gabriela).

Watch on YouTube: Schoolhouse Rock: Pronouns

Name: Amy

By: Mary

From: Ireland

Black and white moo cat. Named After Amy Winehouse.

Name: Moo

By: A-nony-mouse

Her meow sounds just like a cow's "moo", especially when she is startled.

Name: Ozzy

By: A-nony-mouse

Our black cat, Ozzy.

"The Retarded Prince of Darkness" : )

Name: Moo'kie Moo Cow

By: A-nony-mouse

Our cat is super fat and has the black and white cow look thus the name Moooookie.

Name: Bitsy Boots

By: Learna

From: New Zealand

Well my cat is just so cute. and so is the name (:

Name: Baby Zane (Zaneford) -- responds to both.

By: Amber

From: Lakeland FL

All black petite shorthair... she's sassy and brassy! 8 yrs. My best buddy EVER!

Name: Archie

By: Scott

From: MO

We got him for Christmas from Santa, he is so sweet and I hear this breed is! [2011] a baby!

Name: O'Malley

By: Helen

From: IL

Named him after a bar in Champaign, IL.

Editor's note: Of course, there's Thomas O'Malley the alley cat from The Aristocats. So O'Malley is very fitting for a feline!

Name: Winston

By: A-nony-mouse

He has the face of Winston Churchill!

Name: Fang

By: A-nony-mouse

Black face with white lines from both sides of lower lip to chin, looks like fangs, my little vampire cat!

Name: Cookie

By: Chantelle

From: Australia

Shes a smart little cookie hence her name!

Name: Honey

By: A-nony-mouse

(This one just had a note that said she was a female.)

Name: Cayman

By: A-nony-mouse

His eyes looked blue like the Caribbean. The name was unique and fit him perfectly. He was a Himalayan cat.

Name: Luckey (or Lukey)

By: A-nony-mouse

My cat Lukey was born early. There were 3 but the first 2 died. Luckey was the only one alive.

Name: Chi Chi

By: Gina

From: NY

Kids couldn't say kitty before she was named, they said "chichi."

Name: Dominoe

By: A-nony-mouse

Dominoe was a seal point Siamese mix. She was stockier than a pure bred. She was accidentally injured by my father when he didn't see her upon backing up his truck one morning. Dominoe lost the leg that was crushed. She was unfazed by this, however, and resumed ruling the roost! She was a wonderful cat.

Name: Princess Peach

By A-nony-mouse

Princess Peach is an adorable long hair torbie that I brought home for my son. He is an avid Mario fan and he decided to name her after the princess in the games. She IS a princess and has lovely peach tones throughout her fur so the name fits!

Name: Snarf

By Mike from Indiana

Very pretty long hair white calico that looked like Snarf from Thunder Cats. ;)

Name: Duchess

By A-nony-mouse

She's a tuxedo cat that acts like she's royalty.

Name: Willow

By A-nony-mouse

Like the willow tree because we were two tree planters that rescued her!

Name: Mud

By A-nony-mouse

Mud is my brown little buddy who looks exactly like the color of mud. 

Name: Bubba

By A-nony-mouse

We were told 'she' was a girl. We named her Tiramisu (Tara). A couple weeks later, we noticed she was a boy. She is now he, and became Bubba Tiramisu (Bubba).

A few more names submitted by visitors anonymously are Keano, a hairless cat, Oreo, a loud, people-loving outside cat, and Mustacho, a kitty with a mustache.

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