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I've listed male cat names here in case you need some ideas. Sometimes the right name just jumps out at you, or you have a name in mind for your new kitty. But...

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, looking at what others have chosen to name their cats can help (Check my kitten names page first for tips if you haven't already).

Brown and silver tabby kitten face

Naming a pet is obviously a very personal thing, and everyone seems to use a different process.

Some people like to use famous names (like Morris or Aslan).

Others like to use popular ones (Max or Tiger), and still others would prefer something they invent on their own.

Sometimes an event or activity might spark an idea for a name. In other cases, a physical characteristic, as in coat color (Smokey) might be the determining factor.

VPI's Popular Male Cat Names

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has a huge database of pet names, both dog and cat, compiled from their pet insurance policies. Below is a list of male cat names from VPI, ranked by popularity.

  1. Max
  2. Tigger
  3. Tiger
  4. Smokey
  5. Oliver
  6. Buddy
  7. Charlie
  8. Simba
  9. Sammy
  10. Oscar
  11. Jack
  12. Sam
  13. Toby
  14. Lucky
  15. Shadow
  16. Simon
  17. Milo
  18. Leo
  19. Bailey
  20. Jake
  21. Gizmo
  22. Oreo
  23. Sebastian
  24. Rocky
  25. Jasper
  26. Buster
  27. Felix
  28. George
  29. Harley
  30. Bandit
  31. Chester
  32. Romeo
  33. Rusty
  34. Tommy
  35. Boots
  36. Joey
  37. Cosmo
  38. Frankie
  39. Mickey
  40. Midnight
  41. Pumpkin
  42. Scooter
  43. Samson
  44. Louie
  45. Cody
  46. Sylvester
  47. Merlin
  48. Bear
  49. Murphy
  50. Kitty
  51. Henry
  52. Gus
  53. Baxter
  54. Fred
  55. Taz
  56. Harry
  57. Riley
  58. Bob
  59. Spike
  60. Winston
  61. Elvis
  62. Casper
  63. Boo
  64. Casey
  65. Dusty
  66. Spencer
  67. Pepper
  68. Alex
  69. Coco
  70. Sunny
  71. Clyde
  72. Baby
  73. Junior
  74. Blackie
  75. Angel
  76. Loki
  77. Blue
  78. Beau
  79. Peanut
  80. Bubba
  81. Thomas
  82. Fluffy
  83. Teddy
  84. Tom
  85. Rudy
  86. Tucker
  87. Prince
  88. Jackson
  89. Mikey
  90. Sonny
  91. Snowball
  92. Rascal
  93. Ziggy
  94. Calvin
  95. Gabriel
  96. Yoda
  97. Willie
  98. Garfield
  99. Cooper
  100. Socks

Bow Wow Meow's List Of Male Names

Bow Wow Meow has a pet tag ID business. Below is their US list of male names for kitties, by popularity.

  1. Tigger
  2. Tiger
  3. Max
  4. Smokey
  5. Sam
  6. Kitty
  7. Shadow
  8. Simba
  9. Patch
  10. Lucky
  11. Oreo
  12. Charlie
  13. Boots
  14. Oliver
  15. Oscar
  16. Fluffy
  17. Whiskers
  18. Gizmo
  19. Taz
  20. Midnight
  21. Buddy
  22. Baby
  23. Toby
  24. Spike
  25. Rusty
  26. Jake
  27. Alex
  28. Buster
  29. Sylvester
  30. Rocky
  31. Pepper
  32. Milo
  33. Dusty
  34. Bailey
  35. Mittens
  36. Casey
  37. Socks
  38. Snowball
  39. Simon
  40. Sebastian
  41. Scooter
  42. George
  43. Bo
  44. Mickey
  45. Jack
  46. Cosmo
  47. Bear
  48. William
  49. Tom
  50. Felix
  51. Romeo
  52. Murphy
  53. Casper
  54. Peanut
  55. Chester
  56. Garfield
  57. Blackie
  58. Thomas
  59. Fred
  60. Cuddles

Famous Male Cat Names

Below are the monikers of some famous felines, both real and imagined.

Cartoon Cats

In case you'd like to use a cartoon cat for inspiration, here are a few names:

Commercials, TV, and Movies

Famous cat names from movies, television, and commercials can be a source of inspiration as well. Here are some suggestions:

  • Burbank (Sgt. Murtaugh's family cat in the Lethal Weapon movies)
  • D.C. (from Disney's That Darn Cat!)
  • Morris the Cat (of 9 Lives cat food commercial fame)
  • Spot (Pet cat owned by Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Spot was played by a Somali cat named Monster.)

Note: When I was researching who played Spot, I went to the Memory-Alpha wiki site, which showed a picture of Data with a Somali cat, who they listed as being named Monster.

Something in the back of my mind didn't sit right, though, so I started doing some more research. Spot was played by a male Somali cat at first (and referred to as male in the show). In later episodes, Spot was played by a non-Somali female (and had kittens).

Then I remembered reading in the book, For the Love of Cats that Spot was played by three different cats. I once again cracked the book to have a look.

Sure enough, in the book it mentions that the first cat to play Spot on TNG was a male Somali, and the other two were female orange tabby cats, named Brandy and Monster. The Somali's name was actually Liberty Valance.

Liberty Valance is mentioned on the Somali Breed Council website:

In the 1990-91 show season Misty-Lee Martin showed GRP Zarpa's Liberty Valance to Best Cat in Premiership, Southwest Region. Liberty Valance went on to "Star" in the TV program, "Star Trek: The Next Generation," as the Somali pet of the android, Data. What a promotion for the breed! Somalis were suddenly recognized by fans everywhere!

Other Famous Male Cats

Below are some well-known and much revered house cats.

  • Dewey (Dewey Readmore Books is one of the most famous library cats of all time)
  • Socks (Former US President Bill Clinton's cat. Socks was quite famous during his time in the White House. More about cats in the White House.)
  • Nelson (Winston Churchill's black cat, who was said to have his own chair at Cabinet)

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