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Here are some cat names to assist you in naming your cat. This all important process should not be taken lightly. After all, names are for life, and both you and your cat will have to live with your choice.

It's been said that a cat that does not like its name will not respond to it.

Frankie cat in basket

Whether that's true or not, I recommend that you see my suggestions on how to choose kitten names as well as how to teach your cat to respond.

Frankie, pictured left, was named after Julianne Phillips' character Francesca 'Frankie' Reed Margolis, from the TV show Sisters.

She knows her name and comes when called, although an ice cube for her to play with brings her running as well. Here are more suggestions for good homemade cat toys.

The Top 60 Most Popular Cat Names (US)

  1. Tigger
  2. Tiger
  3. Max
  4. Smokey
  5. Sam
  6. Kitty
  7. Sassy
  8. Shadow
  9. Simba
  10. Patch
  11. Lucky
  12. Misty
  13. Sammy
  14. Princess
  15. Oreo
  16. Samantha
  17. Charlie
  18. Boots
  19. Oliver
  20. Lucy
  21. Precious
  22. Missy
  23. Oscar
  24. Fluffy
  25. Whiskers
  26. Gizmo
  27. Taz
  28. Molly
  29. Midnight
  30. Buddy
  31. Baby
  32. Toby
  33. Spike
  34. Sophie
  35. Rusty
  36. Pumpkin
  37. Jake
  38. Alex
  39. Maggie
  40. Callie
  41. Buster
  42. Sylvester
  43. Rocky
  44. Pepper
  45. Milo
  46. Daisy
  47. Cleo
  48. Chloe
  49. Angel
  50. Dusty
  51. Bailey
  52. Mittens
  53. Casey
  54. Socks
  55. Snowball
  56. Simon
  57. Sebastian
  58. Scooter
  59. Nala
  60. George

This list is according to data compiled by Bow Wow Meow's pet identification tag business. The first 20 of these correspond exactly to the list of the top 20 most popular feline names in the US as listed in the book For the Love of Cats (more cat books).

Do you know the longest name ever bestowed upon a feline?

The Most Noble the Archduke, Rumpelstizchen, Marquis Macbum, Earle Tomemange, Baron Raticide, Waowler, and Skaratchi.

Although there may be some longer ones from breeders that include the cattery name, that's the name English poet Robert Southey (1774 - 1843) gave to his cat. He called him Rumpel for short.

Two other pages you might want to look at with a few more lists and suggestions for naming cats. The first for female kitty names, and the second for male cats.

Kitten Names

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