For Many Cat Breeders, It's A Labor of Love

Despite the cost of purchasing a purebred kitten, breeding cats is typically not about the money. The cost of litter, food, vet care, and expenses related to showing the kitties adds up fast.

For most cat breeders, it's a labor of love, but not all breeders are created equal. Before you buy a pedigreed kitten, check your breeder's pedigree.

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Many breeders raise champion show cats and take pride in raising healthy cats that will go to good, loving homes. Often, these breeders raise their cats "underfoot" in a household with other animals and children. This can help with proper socialization of the kittens, which is most important between the ages of 7 and 12 weeks.

These cats are members of the family, and quality of life is highly important to the breeder. Running a cattery is not an inexpensive proposition, and profits are often low, so breeders don't get into it to get rich. Showing cats is expensive as well, and the pay out is in awards, not cash.

As such, these breeders will want to make sure that their cats end up in the best of homes... yours! If you're looking to adopt a purebred cat, this is exactly the kind of cattery you should be looking for.

Qualities of Good Cat Breeders Include:

  • Providing excellent care and living conditions for their cats.
  • Limiting the number of litters each year to a manageable number to ensure the best care.
  • Not allowing adoption at too young an age (properly weened, socialized, and litter trained, preventing problems later in life).
  • Veterinary inspection of the cattery, health screening and guarantee, and proper cross breeding.
  • Concern for the welfare of the cats first, and everything else second.

  • What About Kitty Mills

    Kitty mills are to cats what puppy mills are to dogs. That is to say, not good. People who raise these cats are mass producing them like automobiles. They are strictly in it for the money and have no concern for the welfare of the animals, and certainly no concern for you. Do not finance these operations.

    Another group of cat breeders to avoid are on a smaller scale operation than kitty mills, but with the same result. Known as "backyard breeders" these folks are also in it for the money and provide poor care and distribute mistreated or unhealthy cats. Don't give them your money.

    Veterinarians see cats from these breeders from time to time. They often either see kittens with deformities and/or suffering from malnutrition, or mother cats with complications during pregnancy or birthing due to improper care.

    Choosing a Breeder

    The best way to shut down bad cat breeders is to do your homework and choose a good one. Then tell everyone about that breeder. Choosing a breeder is a very personal choice and should not be undertaken lightly. Make sure you thoroughly investigate any breeder you might do business with. Here are some suggestions:

    • Only choose breeders who offer a health guarantee for their kittens.
    • Choose a breeder who is registered with one of their country's cat fancy associations.
    • Ask if you can speak to previous customers and have a chat with them.
    • Choose your kitten in person (or rather let your kitten choose you). Choose a breeder close enough to visit so you can see first hand how the cats are raised. Let your kitten choose you.

    Choosing between cat breeders can be more difficult than choosing an actual cat or the breed that you want. But, whether you want to show your cat, or just have a house cat as a pet, trust your gut. Do your research so you narrow your choices wisely, but in the end, go with the one you feel best about.

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