Sylvannia/Imperialpride Ragdolls

by Sylvia
(Northampton, UK)

Adorable, stunning, affectionate, playful, companions, chatty and loving and so much more. Their eyes just melt your heart. A mix of fabulous creamy fluffy coat tinged with Blue mask and points for the blue point, blue-cream is a lighter blend and the red cream is a rare and extremely desirable colour.

Kittens bond to people and love affection, they become part of the family. All are reared in the home with us and are sadly missed when leaving. Ragdolls are the best cats ever and so easy to look after. Beware, they are addictive!!

If you want to share your home with one of our babies feel free to locate us and chat and chat. Many cats and kittens are on

Five Ragdoll kittens in a basket

Its a fabulous site to look at with so many absolutely fabulous cat pictures of many many breeds. This is a photographer friend who has taken many cute pics and his cats Koshka and Lapka were also bred by me. He also photographs peoples cats and catteries. They are passionate about cats.

I am in Northamptonshire. Very easy from most parts of the country. We have been breeding Raggies for 15 yrs now and are members of tbrcc. GCCF reg. kittens and all pedigree, vaccinations, worming, front-line treatment, insurance etc., so they have the best start and care as they are like our family.

My children have grown up with them and cats make children very kind and caring. My 15 yr old still melts when he sees the tiny babies clambering towards him. Watching all their little yawns and stretches and the squeaky little noises they make is so entertaining and wastes many hours! Any excuse not to work.

Ragdolls just love to be with people and never stop purring. Put one cat to each ear and that is just blissful. When my kids were young they used to go into school constantly talking about their cats and kittens (incl. gory details of giving birth if they woke in the morning to a birth before going to nursery or school) so that was always fun for the teachers. Oh well off to feed the brood of cats and babies now. Don't forget to check out the photocat site as it is one not to miss.

Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll


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