BigFive Maine Coons

by Janet Petersen
(Texas, USA)

black-smoke kittens 3 months

black-smoke kittens 3 months

We are a cattery dedicated to health, breed standard, size and temperament. Currently we are working with European lines. Our cattery is registered with CFA and TICA.

We have imported most of our cats from Europe to broaden the gene-pool, this is one way to work towards maintaining the breeds overall health. We screen our animals for genetic diseases and for example will only breed with HCM negative/negative cats.

We fell in love with the Maine Coons' personality as well as their looks, therefore it is just as important to have animals with "true" Maine Coon temperaments. This plays a huge part in selecting the parents of the next generation.

Visit BigFive Main Coon Cattery on the Web (

Editor's note: The website appears to be gone, so I'm including a link to this Facebook profile.

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