WeAreSiamese Cattery

by Carolyn
(Oklahoma, USA)

WeAreSiamese  Sasha

WeAreSiamese Sasha

I have had Siamese cats since I was a child and cannot imagine being meezerless for very long. The only time I had to live without a cat was for about a year after I left my ex and it was horrible.

I consider myself to be a preservationist breeder of the old style/old fashioned traditional Applehead type Siamese cat and want nothing to do with the bat-eared, emaciated looking, extreme wedgeheads that are the "show" standard of the Siamese breed these days (CFA and or ACA registered Traditional Siamese cats). All pet kittens come with a spay/neuter contract.

wearesiamesecats is on the web (www.wearesiamesecats.com).

Editor's note: This site appears to be gone.

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Mar 13, 2016
by: Anonymous

Are female Siamese cats rare? also, I have what I call a barnyard beauty-a Siamese born from a tiger tabby cat. she has all the markings even the blue eyes I was shocked.

Jul 25, 2010
by: bernard

I have two chocolate point Siamese cats and the mother is always in heat, how can I find a prospective stud that I can mate her with. She is two years old and only had one kitten. I want to know how can I find someone to mate her with?

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