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This contest has ended.

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Everyone thinks their cat is the cutest, but...

Does your kitty have what it takes to be a winner? Enter the contest and find out!

First prize: $75 online gift certificate or voucher.

Submission Guidelines

Update: The contest is now closed.I intend to notify the winner on or about October 10, 2010.

And the winner is...


The winner has been notified and the prize has been awarded. Thank you to all who entered, it wasn't easy choosing a winner as all the kitties are very cute.

Check out the competition! Below are the entries we've already received.

Click below to see the Cat Lovers Only Cute Cats Contest 2010 contributions...

Lovable Brillo 
Brillo is a fluffy, white pawed, and gray kitten. He is always lovable, sweet, and playful. I actually got to see him be born. With his four solid black …

Pumpkin on Christmas 
This photo was taken last December on Christmas night. My cat Pumpkin was hanging around all the action and excitement. He is not a shy or timid feline …

This is my Molly! 
Molly is now ten years old. I adopted her and one of her litter mates over ten years ago. It seems like it was yesterday when I went in to the local SPCA …

Cody is not only the cutest cat that ever was, he is also the cuddliest! And as evidenced by one of the pictures I have included he is a clown. He thinks …

My Cat Puss At His Cutest 
My cat is a sweet, loving ball of fur. He is a sweet little ball of fur, he is my favorite. He rubs your leg when sad, scared or sad he stays by your side. …

Little Orphan Socks 
Little Socks just joined our family. She has five brothers and sisters, but unfortunately her mama and 2 siblings passed away when they were only 6 weeks …

"T", "I", double "G", "R"... that spells Tigger! 
Six week old kitten, Tigger, just joined our family with her sister, Socks, after her mama passed away. She is super friendly and loves any kind of attention …

My Cute Cats Majik & Wonkas 
These are my two cute cats. As you can see they are VERY good friends! Majik is the one who's into everything, out fighting every night and bringing …

A Cute Cat Picture of Wonkas & Abbie 
This is Wonkas and my daughter Abbie. Wonkas is a very quiet, shy cat. We got him from a farm and he was pretty wild. For the first week he hid under our …

Submission Guidelines

You must be 18 years of age to enter.

Tell us a cute story about your cat, how you met, your cat's funny habits or behaviors, and anything else that describes your cat.

Only submissions with both at least one photo and text of 100 words or more will be eligible to win the contest.

Submission, including the photo and write up, must be of your cat, and not copied from an existing work or published elsewhere on the Web. Winning entries will be checked for uniqueness, and only genuine original works will be eligible.

If you have more than one cat, you may submit an entry for each cat. Each cat you enter needs to be submitted separately. Do not submit multiple cats into the same entry form. Each kitty deserves their own entry and needs to be judged individually.

You may also submit a video of your cat if you feel it best shows off his or her cuteness. You can upload your video to YouTube or other video-sharing site that allows embedding, and copy and paste the link. Make sure the video can be embedded so it can be viewed right in the page. Entries with videos must still have at least one photo submitted.

By submitting your photos, text, and/or video you grant cat-lovers-only.com permission to republish, alter and create derivative works of your submission, and distribute them in any and all media, for promotional use or otherwise.

To be eligible, you must provide your full name and email address (See notification below). The winner will be contacted by email and will have 14 days to claim their prize.

Notification: You'll enter your email address on the next page (after you press the "Submit Your Kitty" button). This will allow us to send you a confirmation email when your cat's page is approved, allow you to receive notification when visitors comment on your entry.

Most importantly, entering your email allows us to notify you if you're a contest winner. If you don't provide your email address, your cat may still be added to the site, but won't be included in the contest since we'll have no way of contacting you.

All entries must be received by 11:59 PM, ET, September 23, 2010.

This cute cats contest is part of our Cat Days of Summer 2010 celebration. The celebration is designed to bring more attention to the joys of adopting a shelter cat, and bring awareness to services such as Adopt-a-Pet.com. Please spread the word!

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