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Cat health information at Cat Lovers Only. Here you will find the pages on this web site that have information related, in some way, to cat health. Feel free to browse them all!

I've put together this growing list of pages for you from many sources of information both online and offline.

It is by no means a complete library for cat health, and none of the information should be used without consulting your veterinarian.

In fact, the assumption is that for any cat health issue, you are consulting with a veterinarian and using this information to better formulate your questions and understand more about what to expect.

Many of the pages listed here have links to third party web sites so that you may verify or expand on the material within that page. Some of those web sites, such as the Cornel Feline Health Center, are authoritative, and some are not.

The non-authoritative pages may be from would-be alternative health advocates, personal experiences, or other source. These sources may or may not have a "proven" theory, or method of diagnosis or treatment. They are there for completeness, as well as to give you some insight into what some cats, and their owners and care providers have experienced.

Again, a qualified veterinarian must be your guiding source for cat health information.

General Cat Health Information

Cats And Plants - Hey, Aren't You A Meat Eater?

Given that cats are carnivores, you'd think that the subject of cats and plants wouldn't come up much. So why does your meat eating cat eat plants?

Cat Gestation Period : Feline Pregnancy Timeline

How long is the domestic cat gestation period? This is a common question among first time cat owners when their cats become pregnant.

Cat Health... Your Cat's Health is Your Number One Concern

Make cat health job one - stay informed. Begin here with these pages, then use recommended books, magazines, other resources to answer questions.

Catnip Oil - Health and Behavior Effects of Catnip on Your Cat

Catnip oil comes from catnip, an herb related to mint. Catnip oil can have profound effects on your cat's behavior, but what about the health effects?

Vitamin C for Cats : Too Much of a Good Thing?

Supplements of vitamin C for cats is being recommended by some would be credible sources. But is it a good idea?

The Cornell Feline Health Center

The Cornell Feline Health Center provides a tremendous contribution to the health and well being of cats throughout the world.

Cat Health Products

Cat Milk : A Healthy Alternative for Your Cat?

Cat milk is being offered by several different manufacturer's as an alternative to cow milk. Why does your cat need an alternative to cow milk?

Cat Illnesses Symptoms and Signs

Cat Illness Symptoms... A Guide For Cat Lovers

When cat illness symptoms appear, it can be very stressful for you and your cat. Knowing what symptoms to look for may be helpful. Use this guide to help ease your mind.

Cat Illness Warning Signs

Watch out for these (more than 70) cat illness warning signs. Your cat can contract a cold or flu just like you can. She also has some feline specific health risks of which you should be aware.

Cat Scratch Fever Symptoms : Your Cat Won't Show Any, But You Will

The classic cat scratch fever symptoms may begin with skin lesions, and painful swollen lymph nodes. Your cat, however, will show no signs of illness.

Cat Scratch Fever : Many Cases May Go Undetected

Cat scratch fever can be difficult to diagnose. It can be contracted from a cat showing no symptoms. Are you at risk?

Common Cat Symptoms Could Signal an Emergency | Learn the Warning Signs

Some common cat symptoms could signal an emergency requiring a vet visit. Any of these could be a sign that your cat is ill or has a serious condition needing medical attention.

Cushings Disease in Cats (Hyperadrenocorticism)

Cushings disease in cats is caused either by a pituitary or adrenal tumor, or by overuse of steroids.

Feline Acne : Yes, Your Cat Can Get Acne Too

Feline acne can affect male and female cats of all ages, although the exact cause is unknown.

Feline Acne Treatment : Not Required Unless Serious

Feline acne treatment varies depending upon severity. The presence of secondary infections may require topical treatments and systemic antibiotics.

Feline AIDS : Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Feline AIDS is caused by the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Boosting the immune system is essential for the patient.

Feline Constipation

Feline constipation is a relatively common problem, with a number of causes. Laxatives may help, but more severe cases could mean surgery.

Feline Diabetes Symptoms List

Feline diabetes symptoms can be easy to miss. Watch your cat closely and check this list. Then have a talk with your veterinarian.

Feline FIV : Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV-AIDS For Cats?

Feline FIV, or feline immunodeficiency virus, is an infectious disease in cats related to HIV. Transmitted primarily via bite wounds, free-roaming aggressive cats are at highest risk for this disease.

Feline Heart Murmur : Could It Be Serious?

A feline heart murmur may be a sign that your cat has a significant heart problem. Many cats, however, have murmurs for years that are of little significance to their overall health.

The Feline Immune System : Your Cat's Guardian of Health

The feline immune system is, like that of any mammal, complex and powerful. It's proper function is also responsible for your cat's overall health and sense of well being.

Feline Leukemia Virus Symptoms List : One Virus, Many Symptoms

Feline leukemia virus symptoms may vary greatly depending upon a number of factors. There are two stages of the disease, and some cats will not display symptoms until long after initial infection.

FIP Symptom List : Detecting Feline Infectious Peritonitis in Your Cat

The FIP symptom list ranges from sneezing, to fever, to a lethal combination of body system breakdown. The virus that causes FIP might also produce no symptom in your cat at all.

Mesothelioma in Cats

Mesothelioma in cats is extremely rare, and the few authoritative sources I could find on the subject state that there is not much known about it. This disease is more common in dogs than cats.

Cat Parasites

Cat Parasites | Do They Pose a Danger?

Common cat parasites, if left untreated, can do tremendous damage to your cat's health. They not only sap your cat of energy, they can be down right dangerous.

Cat Ringworm - Easy To Spot, Difficult To Get Rid Of

Cat ringworm is actually not a worm, but a contagious fungal infection that can be passed between species. It is common and the symptoms are easy to spot, but stubborn cases can be difficult to cure.

Cat Hookworm | Is Your Cat At Risk?

Cat hookworm is another intestinal parasite that cats and their owners may have to deal with at some point. Some hookworms are species specific, and some cross the species boundary.

Ear Mites in Cats - A Common, But Treatable, Condition

Ear mites in cats are a common problem. Symptoms include excessive scratching of the ears, and a dry, black, waxy substance in the ear canal.

Cat Roundworm : Common In Cats, Dangerous In Kittens

Cat roundworm is the most common intestinal parasite in cats, so it is important to know what it is and what to look for. The highest infection rate, and the most danger, is in kittens.

Worms in Cats... Common Parasites in Domestic Felines

Worms in cats are quite common, especially in kittens. Worms are so common, in fact, that your vet will typically test your cat annually via a stool sample.

Cat Toxoplasmosis... Your Cat Shows No Symptom - Can you get it?

Can cat toxoplasmosis be acquired by humans? Yes, but perhaps your butcher, and not your cat is to blame. Explore the health risks, signs, symptoms, and treatment for you and your cat.

Toxoplasmosis Pregnancy Issue... Keeping Away From T. Gondii While Pregnant

Worried about the toxoplasmosis pregnancy health issue? Putting the cat out during pregnancy may not help, but cooking your meat thoroughly just might.

Toxoplasmosis Symptoms List for You and Your Cat

Toxoplasmosis symptoms are rarely evident in otherwise healthy cats or humans. Check this list if you suspect infection, or if you or your cat are at high risk.

Note: I have had many requests from people asking for me to give them specific advice about the health of their cat. Unfortunately, I am not qualified to do this - please contact a qualified veterinarian if you need cat health information or advice specific to your situation.

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