Your Cat Needs To Drink More Water

by Kurt (Admin)

Your cat needs to drink more water, but come on, Woody is ridiculous!

Nothing like letting water rush over your forehead and then lapping up the water that drips off your noseleather I always say.

This cat is just having too much fun with that faucet.

Cat health experts say that most cats don't drink enough.

Many cats are fascinated by running water, though, and can be encouraged to drink more if you use a pet fountain, rather than just still water in a bowl.

I've never seen a cat do anything quite like this, though. This spunky tabby is having a blast taking his "cat shower."

There's another cat who is a big fan of Woody's too (see update below). Right now, though, I have to get in the shower.


Max's response to Woody's sink shower

Woody lives in Japan, home of the legendary Maneki Neko, or beckoning cat. Japan also produced the Japanese Bobtail breed, and the legendary Internet sensation, Maru as well.

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