Silly Cat Pictures

These silly cat pictures are here for your entertainment pleasure. So, take a lesson from these cats, and enjoy yourself.

Here's a cuddle pile! All cats have to start young to learn the proper cuddle pile technique, and these kittens look like they have it mastered already. 

Sleeping kittens in cuddle pile

There once was a kitty who lived in a shoe...

Odor eater tabby likes shoes

Photo credit: Odor Eater tabby cat / CC 2.0

Cats usually don't drink enough water, so whatever you have to do get them to do so is OK by me. This kitty seems to be a drinker, though, and is trying to get every last drop directly from the faucet.

Fred the cat drinking from the sink faucet

Photo credit: Fred the cat drinking from the sink faucet by xenia @

Funny Cat Pictures

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