Siamese Cat Behavior

Siamese cat behavior has some unique characteristics. Obviously all cats have some basic behaviors in common, and of course, each cat is an individual as well.

As a breed, however, Meezers are notorious for exhibiting certain behaviors.

Siamese are known for being very intelligent. Fans of the breed say that few other animals can rival the Siamese as the ideal companion animal.

Being as intelligent as they are, they're very curious and clever. They may learn to open cabinets, windows, and doors.

Traditional Siamese Cat Face

Be aware that intelligent pets can sometimes get bored or be moody and have resulting behavior problems (tips on handling cat behavior problems).

To keep your Meezer from getting bored (and into trouble), you'll have to make sure your cat stays stimulated.

In addition to providing a safe, cat friendly environment, you'll need to make sure your cat has plenty of toys and attention.

Of course, you'd do this anyway, but with these cats it's very important to keep things interesting.

Meezers are known for being very talkative. In fact, of all the breeds of house cat, the Siamese may be the most vocal of all. These Siamese cat videos seem to back up that statement.

Meezers tend to be quite demanding of attention, and are often not shy about letting their owners know when they want something. They also can be quick to protest when things don't go their way so you may need to learn to negotiate a bit with your cat.

They are also known for being very affectionate and loyal to their family. While some may be lap cats, many are too active and independent to stay in a lap for too long.

Even so, most Siamese will become very attached to their families and enjoy spending time in the company of people. This applies even to the ones who are not lap cats.

Siamese cats tend to enjoy human companionship.

In a multi-cat household, they may be tempted to set themselves up as "top cat" and boss the other cats around. While this is not usually a problem, it can be if you have other bossy cats in the house as well.

Siamese are very active cats. Combine this with intelligence and the need for attention, and an energetic cat can become a handful.

Meezers sometimes make up their own games and love to climb. They have been known to hide on top of the refrigerator or a shelf and pounce on passers by.

Tall cat condos or gyms (like this Go Pet Club 72 inch tall cat tree from Amazon or this Amarkat 69 inch model from Chewy) are a good investment. This will give your Siamese a place to perch and burn off some of that mischievous energy.  

As independent as they might be, many Siamese can be trained to play games like fetch, and they will learn their names and can be taught to come when called.

They also are sometimes leash trainable. If you want to take your Meezer for a walk, you can ease them into using a harness and leash.

They can sometimes become jealous as intelligent, attention loving creatures can be, and this can create issues. Setting up the right environment and providing plenty of quality attention is the way to avoid this.

The bad side of the quintessential Siamese cat behavior is displayed in the movie Lady and the Tramp in the characters Si and Am.

You may be familiar with their singing "We are Siamese if you please."

Originally called Nip and Tuck, Si and Am are all personality all the time, and totally full of themselves ("there are no finer cat").

They are extremely mischievous characters and wreak havoc whenever they can. They spend their time plotting and scheming and pulling evil pranks, then misdirecting the blame.

If you're away from home a lot, your cat may not get enough attention. Getting a second cat can help, and I would always recommend this. Even so, it may not be enough to keep your cat entertained.

I would highly recommend that if you're owned by one of these fascinating felines, that you have someone familiar stay with them if you're away for extended periods.

Siamese cat behavior generally being what it is, you don't want to come home from vacation or a business trip to find that a psychotic furball has been climbing the curtains while you were away. After all, they don't call them "spider-monkey cats" for nothing.

I've always been fascinated with the Siamese, and I've met a few of them. They are one of my favorite breeds. For some people, however, this is all a bit too much to take and a Siamese is simply way too demanding a pet for them.

If you're prepared for a smart, very interactive, very lovable, and demanding pet then you'll enjoy these cats. If you can accept the challenge, a Siamese cat may be just what you're looking for.

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