Introducing a new kitten to a resident cat without separating them (Need Advice)

This question comes from one of our readers, Alicia, who needs some help with introducing a new rescue kitten to her adult cat.

Her studio apartment has an open floor plan, so separating the cats in different rooms is a challenge.

This is her new rescue kitten, Layla:

Layla the kitten

Her question is below, but comes down to this...

Can you introduce a new kitten to a resident cat without separating them in two separate rooms?

If you've successfully done this or have a creative solution or opinion, Alicia would love your help. Please leave a comment.

This is her 5 year old spayed female cat, Bella:

Bella the cat

Here's her question:

My living arrangement is a very large studio/loft apartment that has an open floor plan. Plenty of space, but the problem is for the most part it's open.

I've had Bella for 2 years I also adopted her. Prior to myself owning her did she live with another cat but not in the best conditions.

Layla was going to be put to sleep and I saved her. I'm very worried about Bella not being okay with the kitten.

My work schedule is flexible and open so I do have plenty of time to spend with them.

Everything I've read "recommends" segregating them but that's not always possible in all circumstances. Thanks for your help!!!

My opinion is that kittens are easier to introduce than adult cats, but there can still be problems.

The safest bet is to separate them. This is especially true since the introduction often sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

Since proper introductions between cats set the tone for the relationship, my own recommendation is always to separate first. In this situation, I'd offer these ideas:

1) Build a partition.

2) Use the bathroom.

3) Use a cage.

A large dog cage offers enough room for a litter box and a place to stretch out. The challenge with that is that you usually don't want the two cats to see each other at first.

You just want to "scent swap." So if there's a way to hide the cage from view, that's probably better (some sort of partition).

I don't like caging cats if I don't have to, but I also don't like starting the relationship off on a bad note.

Have you been successful in bringing cats together without a separation period?

If you have any input, please help Alicia and her kitties out and leave a comment. Thank you!

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