How To Groom A Cat

The videos below show you how to groom a cat.

While brushing your cat's fur isn't normally complicated, it's an important task.

In fact, helping your cat maintain her coat is an essential part of cat care.

This is especially true with long haired cats that often tend to have matting problems.

Not only does grooming your cat result in a smooth and shiny coat, but may it may have significant impact on your cat's health.

Most cats are fastidious groomers, and even if they don't seem to like the grooming experience, they seem to like the results.

If your cat is one of those few who doesn't groom well enough (or can't for some reason), you'll want to spend even more time doing the grooming.

Once you have your grooming tools, it's time to use them! The videos below offer some tips.

If you're interested in becoming a groomer, Grooming School has information and coursework. (The course is mostly for dog groomers, but contains a section on cats.)

Treating Matted Fur

Many long haired cats, such as those of the Persian cat breed, tend to get matted fur if they're not properly groomed often. This can lead to various health problems, such as skin problems, depression, and possibly parasites and infections.

There are some tools you can use to remove mats in the fur. Extreme matting can sometimes only be corrected, however, by shaving the fur with electric clippers.

This should be a last resort. It also need to be done carefully so as not to injure your cat's thin and sensitive skin.

You may be tempted to use scissors to cut the mats out, but you can end up hurting your cat or yourself. If your cat gets to this point, it's best to get help from your groomer or veterinarian.

The below video is entitled, "Cat Health Care Tips: How to Treat a Cat for Matted Fur."

Brushing Long Haired Cats

This is another one of the Expert Village videos on how to groom a cat... "Brushing Long Haired Cats."

Combing Long Haired Cats

You can follow up your brushing session with a comb to finish the fur nicely. Here's a video on "Combing Long Haired Cats."

Short Haired Cats

While they typically need less attention in this area than longhairs, short haired cats should also be groomed regularly, as demonstrated in this video... "Cat Grooming Brushing Demonstration."

Long haired or not, regular grooming also tends to reduce the incidence of hairballs in cats. Since hairballs are one of the primary causes of feline constipation, taking the brush to your kitty more often can help prevent gastrointestinal problems.

Even short haired cats get matted fur, as we see in this video, "Cat Grooming: Removing Mats.

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