Cats With Jobs

These are cats with jobs. No need for a "will work for tuna" sign here, as these kitties already have their careers in place.

Tama the railway cat is not only a public relations expert, she's responsible for an amazing business turnaround. A Japanese railway company saw sales soar after Tama joined the team as the station master cat.

Library cats, such as the infamous Dewey Readmore Books, have been around for many years. They've got a very important job, comforting library patrons, assisting with book returns, and adding feline warmth and charm to what can sometimes be a cold space.

Oscar has a job as a therapy cat in a nursing home. He's known as the "cat that predicts death" as he often comforts patients during their final hours.

Tama the Railway Cat

It's Supurr Station Master, Tama the cat. Tama fever is "said to be responsible for pumping 10 million dollars into the local economy."

Felix the Pest Controller at Huddersfield

Felix is a female cat and another rail worker. Her Facebook bio says "My name is Felix and I am the Senior Pest Controller for TransPennine Express at Huddersfield Railway Station in West Yorkshire, UK."

She seems to have developed a diva personality at times. She's still fairly well grounded. Felix is a colleague who just happens to be a cat.

Felix The Cat Has A Full Time Job

Meet Felix, the cat with a full-time job at a train station

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, June 5, 2017

Online Cats

There are a number of cats with jobs who make their living primarily online. Or, they fluff up their fur and make their presence known online, and put their online notoriety to good use elsewhere.

My cat Goma (no, not my cat Goma) is a Himalayan cat with his own blog. Goma also has his own Zazzle store, and his likeness appears on various pieces of merchandise, including, of all things, snowboards and gear.

Who knew that typing broken LOL-speak into the Blogger interface, and displaying pictures of "first ever cat" scenes could get you an advertising deal?

"Oy vey everybody. Oy vey!"

There are some other house cats with blogs as well. There's "Watson the Cat," editor-in-chief of The Watsonian.

There's Maru, the Scottish Fold from Japan who has ears that, well, don't appear to fold. If you recall, we first encountered Maru at Cat Lovers Only in a video sliding into the box, and subsequently, bowling. You can read more about Maru the Cat here.

Hmmm... what's with the famous hard working cats from Japan? The Maneki Neko and Hello Kitty cats have jobs. And, Maru and Tama are from Japan. Sachie Tani, Goma's guardian, is from Japan. There's something going on in the land of the rising sun.

And then there's Chloe, of course, who is the Cat Lovers Only mascot. Her job is to spread the word about all of my ramblings, standing up (sometimes literally jumping up and down) for the rights of cats everywhere, via Twitter. Will Chloe get bored with Twitter? Maybe, but she only tweets when she wants to. She's a cat!

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