Watson The Cat

by Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Watson the cat is a blogging cat, with a black and white coat and a Persian-like stare that says "try me" in a friendly sort of way. There are a number of cat bloggers, er um, kitties who write blogs, but there's something unique about Watson.

Every cat is a library cat at heart, it seems, aspiring to live up to the high standard set by Dewey Readmore Books. Watson seems no different in this respect, but yet somehow... he's different.

Cats have long been the companions of great writers, including Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Dickens to name a few. Poe's cat inspired one of the most famous feline themed stories in history, and many a black cat has been named Pluto I'm sure.

House cats just seem to naturally gravitate toward books, papers, and the creators of the written word.

When necessary, they make the cutest, and certainly the most effective and determined living paperweights.

Cats are avid readers, and we saw evidence of this with the video of "Steve McQueen as McGyver Cat." Check that video at 0:48.

Watson is not only a blogger and a librarian, however, he's also a construction supervisor, and assisted in the building of his "habitat" and library shelving!

And, how many blogging cats do you know who can put together a time-compressed video on Eco-fireplace
installation? I thought so.

I don't know of any others who do photo essays on the building of kitchens, either.

According to his blog, Watson the cat is the editor in chief of The Watsonian (the aforementioned blog).

He writes about about "design, travel, life, and the Humans behind the curtain at the Medium Control Design Company."

He's also very skilled at making his tongue look like the blanket part of a pig in a blanket.

HABITAT. LIBRARY BUILD - time lapse from The Medium Control on Vimeo.

Perhaps that's what's so unique about him. I'm not sure, but he does have an odd appeal. Sort of a combination of the monk-like wisdom that all cats exude, combined with creative writing and video skills.

He's also got an industrial-earthy, Mr.-Fix-It-type flair to his furriness.

Since he's black and white, he wanted a "dwelling that was aesthetically pleasing." That pretty much says it all about Watson the cat. But then again, a tailor made environment is on every cat's wish list.

I think he could stare down his prey and drop them from three feet away. "Yoda, you seek... Yoda." Cat Fu skillz, for sure.

If a cat writes a blog and no one is around to read it, will humans learn anything? I, for one, will keep reading Watson's ramblings.

HABITAT. ECO FIREPLACE INSTALL from The Medium Control on Vimeo.

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Dec 17, 2009
Aha! The Lazy Man's Persian
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Not that he's lazy, judging by all the work he does around there.

Dec 17, 2009
Watson says - Thanks !
by: Watson The Cat

Hi Kurt, we wanted to say a big thanks for the write up - glad you are enjoying The Watsonian blog. Yes, Watson's breed is an exotic shorthair and that flat face and big eyes can definitely give out quite the stare downs. Good times, thanks again.

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