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Petfinder is an easy to use, online searchable database of cats and other animals that need homes in the United States and Canada.

As you know, thousands of animals are in need of good homes. If you've been thinking about pet adoption, then there is no better time, and no better tool.

I urge you to use this service - it's free!

I've set up a pet finder search function below so that you can find your new pet cat today! To adopt a cat, simply select "cat" in the drop down list, put in your zip code and a breed if you like, and click "GO."

Try it out now...

Note: If you entered your details into the tool above, including the breed name and your zip code and didn't find the cat you're looking for, don't despair.

First, timing is everything, you may have to have patience and keep trying.

Second, as they say in real estate, location, location, location. By that I mean you may have to go out of your area. To find a specific type of cat, try widening your search.

For example, if you live 150 miles away from Phoenix, AZ, try using zip codes that are closer and closer to Phoenix and further and further away from your own town. Then try other cities, like Tucson or Las Vegas.

The alternative is to loosen up on the type of cat you want and keep your options open. I know that some people feel they have to have a Ragdoll or a Maine Coon, to name two popular examples, but that's going to limit you a bit.

In addition to the pet finder service, they offer a directory of over 2,000 animal shelters and pet adoption organizations across the USA and Canada. The website also offers a message board for pet lovers.

Please note that the service is provided by a separate web site. The performance of the service and tool is dependent upon functionality provide by that web site, and not Cat Lovers Only.

We cannot guarantee that third party tools such as these, or the web sites they depend on, will be operational 100% of the time. If you experience problems with this tool, please contact the webmaster of that site for assistance.

If you see a cat you're interested in, please contact the relevant shelter. Thank you.

Learn more about cat rescue groups and how you can help animals, as well as adopting pure breed rescue cats.

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