Organic Cat Food

Organic cat food has become a buzz word, and is often used in conjunction with terms like natural, human grade ingredients, holistic, and premium cat food. What exactly do these terms really mean?

Here are some questions to ask regarding organic cat food, and cat food in general...

What is organic cat food? Is it really better for my cat?

What are you really feeding your cat?

What is the AAFCO?

Is your organic cat food really organic?

What is natural?

What is "human grade?" Does it really exist in pet foods?

What about the pet food recalls in recent years?

What about vegetarian diets for cats?

What company actually makes your cat food (or owns the company that does)?

What about raw food diets? Are there concerns about bacteria, toxoplasmosis, or other diseases? What about the handling and care of raw food?

What about dry vs. wet food?

What about the canning process for wet food?

What about the dry food process and extrusion?

Why does my vet recommend science diet cat food?

What's the best cat food?

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