What Do You Do for
Female Cats in Heat?

What's your best advice for caring for female cats in heat?

Another one of our readers needs help with her cat, Mandie, who is in her worst heat cycle yet and meowing like crazy. She's also bleeding on the bed, which concerns me since in my experience, there's usually not much blood noticeable.


If you can help, please add your comment below (Please read both problems first, though).

I'll collect the best ideas, and put them all in one place to help future readers. Together, we can help this cat loving family as well as future readers. Thanks in advance for your input!

Here's the question our reader in need asked on the Facebook page:

Problem #1)

"HELP! My female cat is in heat and she is bleeding on my guest bed! What do I do? How long will she be in heat it's been 5 days! She is not herself. What do I do?"

Below is my initial response.

"The blood... in my experience, I've never seen much blood, and that holds with any of the research I've done. If she's bleeding heavily, she might need medical attention.

There are some things you can try to ease the symptoms... Feliway, Rescue Remedy, catnip. I've heard of things like implants and drug therapy (off-label use - scary stuff), but I would stay away from that... the only thing that really works is... spaying.

The cycle can last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, but usually about a week or so. Some cats can start right up again a few days right after that. Until you can get her spayed, keep her indoors and watch her closely so she doesn't get out. They're sneaky."

Her human mom is going to get her spayed as soon as she's got the money together, but what can she do for Mandie in the meantime? That brings us to...

Problem #2)

The reason she doesn't want to take her to a low cost spay/neuter facility is because they won't give her any pain medications afterwards she doesn't want Mandie to be in pain.

To that I responded:

"Watch out for pain medication with cats. Cats do not respond well to certain pain medications and I've heard some really bad stories."

Please help her out and click here to leave a comment about your experience with cats in heat as well as low cost spay/neuter and pain medications and any suggestions you might have. Any input or support you can give is appreciated and will help many cat parents.

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