About the Tonkinese Cat Breed

The Tonkinese cat breed may be just the perfect combination of the best of two other great breeds. Let's see if one or two of these beauties may be just right for you.

If you just can't decide whether you want a Burmese cat or a Siamese cat, then you may want to consider a cat that is the descendant of both of these wonderful breeds, the Tonkinese or Tonk for short.

Officially created in the nineteen sixties in North America, this breed was born when a Burmese cat was crossed with a Siamese. In 1984, they achieved championship status with the Cat Fancier's Association.

According to the CFA, this breed was actually depicted in "The Cat-Book Poems of Siam" during the Ayudha Period (1358-1767). In the early eighteen hundreds, they were imported to England as "Chocolate Siamese."

The CFA goes on to tell us that Tonks and Burmese cats in the US can trace their heritage back to 1930, when Dr. Joseph Thompson brought Wong Mau, a small, walnut colored cat to California.

The Tonk was created to combine the best traits of both of its parent breeds. Unlike many other breeds created from a cross, this breed was designed to have a body, character, and coat that combined traits from both the Burmese cat and the Siamese cat. Usually, a cross breed is only created to establish a specific color, coat trait, body shape, and so on.

Since Tonks are such a balanced cross breed, it is no surprise that these cats have a great personality and temperament. This breed is very loving and affectionate.

They're an ideal choice for families or multiple pet homes. They're tolerant of dogs and other pets, and they're nice enough to pretend to enjoy children.

Your Tonk may even be willing to attend your child's tea party in fancy dress. When you sit on the couch, your cat may jump up onto your shoulder or curl up in your lap for a while. When you climb into bed at night, she will snuggle under the covers with you.

A warning: if you don't want a cat that is cuddly, and at the same time strong willed, then this breed is not right for you. Most importantly, these cats must remain indoors.

Tonkinese have a playful nature very much like the Siamese. These cats love to play hide and seek or launch sneak attacks on their unsuspecting family members. Lots of toys and attention are required.

With its outgoing and affectionate personality, the Tonkinese is not the best pet for people who spend a lot of time away from home. If you work long hours and own one of these cats, you should consider adding a second Tonk or a similarly playful cat to your household.

These cats are extremely intelligent and easily trainable. You can teach your Tonk to come when she's called, play fetch, and even to walk on a leash.

The Tonkinese weighs six to twelve pounds and has a wedge shaped head, slightly slanted eyes, a muscular body, and a long, graceful tail. This breed comes in variety of coat colors and patterns. These include Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Red, Cream, Lilac, Cinnamon, and Fawn colors, with Tortoiseshell Mink, self, and tabby patterns.

Only the Mink patterned Tonks are able to enter shows. These Mink cats must have striking blue eyes, but the other coat colors can have either blue or green eyes.

If a Siamese cat is a bit too chatty for you and the Burmese is a little too shy, then the Tonkinese may be just right.

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