Pinky The Cat Uses Whiskers and Paws Against Stupidity

Update: The Pinky Show's YouTube channel seems to have been nuked. I've replace the embedded YT videos I had here with their Vimeo counterparts.

Pinky the Cat is a black and white cartoon cat and the host of the Pinky Show.

She and her friend, Bunny, often use the show to shed light on various topics, and offer their own, rather interesting perspective.

Bunny is famous for appearing on the "cats with guns" t shirt.

Of course, a cat named "Bunny" is funny in the first place, and cats with guns are, well, just silly. Cats don't need guns because they have claws.

Or at least I thought so, but it turns out to be somewhat provocative. Who knew?

The trailer video gives the background on the show and what the show intends to accomplish. By the way, in the beginning of the trailer, when Pinky says "Bunny, can I have the Cat Power?" she's referring to playing the background music.

In case you aren't aware, Cat Power (which has nothing to do with kittens or cats) is the stage name of indie recording artist and singer/guitarist Chan Marshall.

About The Pinky Show

Pinky sometimes does the show by herself, sitting at a desk with a microphone in a news or talk show format. Each episode of the show often starts out with an introduction and a question, and the rest of the show outlines pertinent facts and viewpoints in order to answer the question.

Typically, by the time an episode is completed, many questions have been raised, either directly or indirectly. In one of the episodes on the question of Hawaii being illegally annexed by the United States, the show asks why was an Englishman, Captain Cook, in Hawaii in the first place?

Pinky often uses images, video, charts, or text to illustrate key points. Expert guests are sometimes interviewed by phone, such as in the episode on nuclear weapons.

In addition to Bunny, Pinky relies on her friends Daisy, Kim, and Mimi to create some variety on the show. For example, in this video, Kim delivers her presentation on museums, after visiting a number of them with Mimi.

Like Pinky, Bunny, Daisy, Kim, and Mimi are all house cats of the cartoon variety (other famous cartoon cats). Since they often cover serious topics, such as how education is essentially a form of reprogramming, nuclear weapons, or Imperialism and Manifest Destiny, using hand drawn cartoon cats effectively takes the edge off of these topics.

The combination of the cartoon, combined with the educational format of the show, and Pinky's simple, inquisitive style, allows it to reach audiences that perhaps it otherwise wouldn't.

Pinky the Cat and her show are quite popular, but, due to the nature of the topics, the show tends to polarize the audience and spark debate. If that happens, then the show has done its job.

Many of the pieces are clearly agitation-propaganda, and are designed to challenge mainstream thinking (or they at least challenge the messages that would like us to assimilate).

Some people get a little defensive when you challenge their beliefs (or what they've been told should be their beliefs), and some have gone so far as to call the show "communist." Pinky the Cat? Communist? I don't think so.

What's funny about that, of course, is that the color pink is often associated with communism. The term "pinko" or "pinko commie" is used to refer to someone sympathetic to communism. Pinky does have pink noseleather, so the name certainly fits.

The Pinky Show is a production of Associated Animals Inc. and you can view all of their videos on their website.

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