Ping Pong Cats

Ping pong cats are here!

It seems that a cat just can't resist a good game of ping pong.

Whether it's hopping around on the table chasing the ball while others play, or just watching as a spectator, this game is fun!

Here we go again, but hey, let a kitty get a ping pong ball, will ya! This next video should have been about 15 seconds long, but apparently someone thought it should be longer.

I guess watching can be fun too. Even if you're just watching the back and forth action with rapid precision as a spectator like this kitteh in the video below. So cute!

What's even more fun, though, is actually playing the game! This cat must be the original ping pong cat, and actually plays ping pong! Dagwood is very good at it! No paddle required.

Check out this compilation of ping pong playing cats. In your face, humans!

If your cats need some exercise or you seem to have a hard time finding a toy that engages your cats in play, get a table and turn them into ping pong cats!

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