Mother cat always picking on her daughter?

by Steve
(Easthampton, MA USA)

I have a mother cat, her son, and her daughter. My question is why is the mother always picking on her daughter? She's making her neurotic. She picks on her and now she's afraid of everything. It breaks my heart.

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Re-introduction, spaying, and Feliway
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear your cats are not getting along well. It's not that uncommon for mother cats to fight with daughter cats, at least based on how many readers have raised this issue.

Some believe that mother cats want their kittens to leave the nest, and when they don't, conflicts occur.

Is everybody spayed/neutered now? If not, I'd get on that as soon as possible.

Also, you might want to try a "reset," separating them for a few days and then doing a slow re-introduction. Make it like they're meeting for the first time.

First, get a Feliway diffuser and set it up right away, then separate them and start the process of getting to know each other all over again.

You can follow the cat-to-cat introduction process I outlined for another reader.

There are no guarantees, but the combination of Feliway, slow re-introduction, and scent swapping has worked for others with mother-daughter conflicts.

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