Get to Know the Lucky Korat Cat Breed

The Korat cat breed has a long history, and is considered to be good luck. They also have keen senses, striking looks in coat and eye color, and an attitude to go along with it.

The Korat cat breed (sometimes spelled as "Koret") is, for the superstitious, a lucky cat. Originating in Thailand before the seventeen hundreds, this breed has quite the history and symbolism behind it, and a few myths.

In Thailand, this breed is known as Si-Sawat, which refers to the magnificent coat and eye color of this cat.

The Thai people believed that the stunning silvery blue color of these cats represented monetary wealth. The brilliant green eyes are the color of immature rice grains, and therefore symbolized abundant crop growth. A pair of these cats bestowed on a newly married couple was said to ensure a successful marriage, with wealth and happiness.

Today, the Korat cat retains that same look of a blue cat with unusual green eyes. Lilac colored cats are sometimes found as well in Europe, but they are not currently accepted by breed associations. The consensus is that they are not likely to ever become accepted due to the tradition behind the breed's spectacular silver blue color.

For these cats, the eyes have it. Their eyes are a very unusual shade of green, and unique to this breed. In fact, the first thing you'll probably notice about an adult Korat are her large, round green eyes.

Interestingly enough, it can take up to four years for the true green color to develop. A close look at a kitten may reveal amber colored eyes.

This breed has a stocky, compact body, with big ears and a heart shaped face. They typcially weigh from six to eleven pounds. The tail is of medium length and tapers gracefully at the tip.

If cats have keen senses, then the Korat has spectacular senses. It is famous for its acute hearing, sight, and sense of smell.

Given that there are many advantages to having heightened senses, this may explain why these cats seem to be so lucky. In theory, it would be difficult for predators to sneak up on a cat with such sensitivity to its surroundings. That sensitivity, however, may have a downside.

Since they have such good hearing, these cats generally do not do well in noisy environments. They can become overstimulated in public.

If you are going to show your cats, then you need to begin acclimating them to the world of cat shows as kittens. If not, they may not be able to deal with all of the noise and commotion that a show environment creates.

If you're looking for an undemanding cat that offers quiet affection, this breed may not be for you. These cats definitely have bossy, pushy attitudes.

Some would say, however, that they have the classic cat personality. For example, your cat will demand affection when she wants it, and ignore you when she wants to be alone.

Others would say that they are like a moody teenager. When they are in the mood, however, this breed can also be very friendly and playful.

Given the penchant for mood swings, these little devils are probably not the best choice for a family cat, especially if there are children in the house.

Due to the rarity of this cat, there are occasional health problems seen with this breed. Be sure to have your pet tested for neuromuscular problems. Fortunately, this disorder is not common.

Make no mistake, these cats have a mind of their own. If you are willing to put up with that attitude, however, then the Korat may be an excellent choice. Who knows, maybe it might just bring you luck.

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