How Do I Teach My Son to Treat My Kitten Gently?

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Rochelle Kneale writes:

My friend is having a little trouble with her 6 year old son and their kitten. He's always been fine with the older cat and will pick it up gently, stroke gently etc., but they got a new kitten a few months ago and her son isn't being very careful.

He'll pick up the kitten and squeeze her to the point where she will let out a loud cry. He's just trying to cuddle her but doesn't seem to understand that you can't squeeze such a small animal like a kitten.

She's going to try a few things we've suggested such as smashing a plate or accidentally stepping on one of his old toys and saying sorry to the plate or toy, then saying to her son, "but sorry doesn't fix everything." Just wondering if anyone else has any ideas? x

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I'll embed the Facebook post below so that you can see the whole conversation that took place after I posted this issue on the page...

One of our readers needs some advice. Her friend has a kitten and a 6 year old son, who is playing too rough (squeezing)...

Posted by Cat Lovers Only on Thursday, January 30, 2014

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