The Small Havana Brown Makes a Big Impression

With a playful and dog-like personality, the Havana Brown is a perfect companion for those who can give them the attention they need.

Despite being on the smallish side, these little gremlins have no problem making their presence known.

A beautiful cat that can provide hours of fun and companionship may be just what you are looking for, and these cats deliver. Read on to learn more about this fascinating feline.

When a cat breed has a name like Havana Brown, it can only come in one color, right? Well, actually, the active Havana Brown comes in a rich Chocolate color or an attractive Lilac color.

For centuries, Chocolate Point Siamese cats had been producing solid Chocolate kittens. Since these Chocolate kittens didn't meet the standard, they were usually disqualified by both the Cat Fancier's Association in the United States and cat associations in Great Britain.

In the nineteen fifties, however, a breeder in the United States fell in love with the Chocolate Siamese and imported a female cat from Great Britain to found a new breed of cat. This breed became known as the Havana Brown.

Since this breed is so closely related to the Siamese, it is no surprise that it has a very similar appearance. The Havana has a long head with a face that looks rather square when viewed from the side. Siamese-like long, graceful legs and a sleek body complete the picture.

While these cats may be on the small side, weighing in at a lightweight six to ten pounds, they have huge personalities. The Havana has a very dog-like nature and is extremely affectionate towards people.

The Siamese heritage of this cat is probably responsible for not only its people attraction, but its smarts and interactive behavior as well. Don't be surprised if your kitten quickly learns to come when he is called. This breed also can learn to fetch and walk on a leash with ease.

The playful Havana will spend time plotting an elaborate ambush, suddenly diving from behind a chair or leaping off of a fireplace mantle to pounce on unsuspecting family members.

These cats are a bit on the nosy side and enjoy helping their family members with household chores. This is true especially if the job involves emptying bags.

After all, this energetic breed feels that there is nothing better than using a paper bag to play an impromptu game of hide and seek. How Siamese of them.

Although the Havana Brown will survive if it is left home alone for long periods of time, this breed prefers having its family home on a regular basis. If you decide that you want a Havana, but you don't have a lot of free time, then get a second cat. You may even want to consider adding a second of these mischievous cats to your household.

Then again, if you have two Havanas, you may find that when you arrive home after work that your home is not quite as orderly as it was when you left. Two of these cats are naturally twice as playful as one, but also more than twice the fun.

While the Havana is not so vocal that it is obnoxious, this breed does tend to have a loud purr. You will hear that purr frequently, since these cats will hop into their owners' laps, roll onto their backs and start purring loudly to encourage them to give them the attention they crave.

Since this breed is a short haired breed, you should not find grooming your Havana to be too difficult. Simply comb through her hair or wipe him down with a cloth a couple of times a week to keep her coat in tip top condition.

If you want a cat that has a stellar personality and a coat with a rich mahogany sheen, then the active and curious Havana Brown may be the ideal choice for you.

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