Let's Celebrate Global Cat Day (formerly National Feral Cat Day)!

Global Cat Day began in 2001 when Alley Cat Allies started their National Feral Cat Day annual event, and is observed every year on October 16.

To reflect the global scope of the work, the day was renamed. Cat lovers can celebrate this cat holiday as a day of observance in a number of ways.

Jazzy the cat celebrates Global Cat Day with a nap

How to Participate in Global Cat Day

Alley Cat Allies says that "Just like National Feral Cat Day, Global Cat Day is a day of action and advocacy." Also, "The purpose of Global Cat Day is to strengthen support for humane policies that protect cats."

Here are some ways you can celebrate, spread awareness, and help cats:

1. Post to social media, including our Facebook page, with the hashtag #globalcatday.

2. Locate some low cost spay and neuter opportunities in your community, and help spread the word to others. Cats that aren't spayed or neutered end up contributing to the feral cat population.

Males or females that are not neutered have more of a tendency to want to roam. When they get outside, they inevitably find each other and add to the cat population. Some of the kittens produced by these matings never find good homes and may become feral.

3. Attend an event. Find out about local events in your area and participate.

4. Hold an event yourself. Alley Cat Allies has a booklet on how to organize and run an event yourself.

5. Join a local Meetup group about cats. 

6. Check with local cat rescue groups and get involved in doing Trap-Neuter-Return work with them. TNR helps reduce the feral cat population.

7. Tweet this...

"The purpose of Global Cat Day is to strengthen support for humane policies that protect cats."

Although October 16 is the official day, we celebrate cats here every day at CLO. You can always help cats by donating, fostering, sponsoring, volunteering, and of course, adopting. Here are some ways to help animals, including cats.

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