Electronic Cat Repellent Products

Electronic Repellent Products can be effective deterrents.

Electronic cat repellent products use high tech methods to control cat behavior. Outdoors, you can use these products to keep cats out of gardens and yards. Indoors, you can keep your cats in line and deter counter surfers or furniture scratchers.

Not all deterrents work on all cats all the time. Some products use more than one technique (sound + spray, for example), but you may need to use more than one product.

Types of Electronic Cat Repellent Devices

Startle / Scare / Annoy Devices

There are a number of indoor and outdoor deterrent products that are electronic in nature. These are designed as behavior modification aids and work using a cat's natural dislikes.

These devices are sometimes referred to as an electronic cat scarer, and most of these products are designed to startle or annoy the cat in some way. This usually comes in the form of either a loud noise, compressed air, an ultrasonic frequency, or a water spray.

The deterrent is triggered by motion, usually using what's known as a PIR -- a passive infra red sensor.

Electric Fence / Shock / Barrier Products

Another type of electronic deterrent that uses electric shock is the electric fence. These have primarily two types.

The first is essentially a scaled down and much less powerful version of the electric fences used to contain livestock and will keep all cats either in or out.

The second is designed to be used on your own cat and requires your cat to wear a collar, which delivers the electric shock if your cat tries to go beyond the barrier line. More on these below.

Another type of shock deterrent that is used around the house, usually to keep cats and dogs off of furniture or counters, is an electronic mat, such as ScatMat.

Electronic Cat Repellent Devices for Indoors

Ultrasonic cat repellents can be used to keep cats off the furniture, counter tops, or away from certain areas of the house. Those products that use the ultrasonic frequency alone may not be effective indoors. Some cats are comfortable enough on their home turf that the high frequency doesn't bother them.

Because of this, some of the indoor models use a loud audible noise/alarm and/or a repellent spray or compressed air. These products include the Tattle Tale Pet Vibration Alarm, SSSCat Spray Cat Deterrent, and CatScram.

Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Vibration Alarm

Tattle Tale uses "structural vibration technology" to detect vibration without any apparent motion. When the unit senses your pet, it sounds a 3 second alarm. Since it's multi-directional, you can hang it or place it anywhere near the area. Use it to keep your cat off the sofa, tables, or out of your fresh cut flowers or plants.

PetSafe SSScat Cat Spray Control System

Noises may scare a cat, but they can sometimes get used to them. A spray, however, will annoy a cat to no end. The SSSCAT's spray repellent is environmentally safe, scentless, motion triggered, and can be adjusted either up or down.

In addition, the motion sensor can be adjusted to 15 different angles, making it easier to place the device in just the right spot.

StayAway Automatic Pet Deterrent

StayAway works with an audible sound and a spray of compressed air to keep cats off of furniture, counter tops, and out of other areas. Some spray-type deterrents are scented, but this one uses just a replaceable canister of compressed air so it's odorless. You can get up to 200 sprays per canister.

The motion detector and spray can be adjusted separately. You can switch over to sound only mode once your cat gets conditioned to respond and save on the cost of the air.

Electronic Cat Repellent Devices for Outdoors

Outdoor units are available for garden and yard intruders, such as feral or stray cats, as well as other animals. You can also use them to keep your own cat out of your garden or areas of your yard.

These products typically either use a high frequency sound wave, a spray of water, or possibly both. A motion detector senses the presence of a cat or other animal, and triggers the device.

People who have used these types of products have said that they're very effective. Depending upon the size and shape of the area you want the cat to stay out of, you may need more than one to cover it.

There is a downside in that first, the ones that use a water spray need to be hooked up to a water supply. Second, they need a power source.

This is often a battery, but A/C adapters are available for some models. You can also get a solar power adapter.

One thing to be aware of is that if the device uses water and is placed in an area where there is foot traffic, that you need to make sure it's turned off when people are around.

CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellent by Contech

Cat Stop is an outdoor ultrasonic cat repellent device. When the motion sensor is triggered, it emits a tone that humans cannot hear, but is annoying to cats. Some people have attempted to use these devices indoors as well, but some cats won't respond to it when they're inside, apparently because they're secure in their territory, or they learn to walk around it.

Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler

The Scarecrow is an outdoor electronic cat repellent device that uses a spray of water triggered by a motion detector. Nobody likes a surprise spray of water, especially a cat, and this product gets top reviews and is said to work extremely well.

Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Water Repellent

This is a similar product to the Contech Scarecrow. Hook it up to a hose and set the infra red motion detector and it does its job.

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