Cat peeing in my bed

by MJ
(British Columbia)

We recently moved into a house and one of my cats is now urinating on our bed she is a year old always been a clean cat. Is it because we moved?

My Thoughts:

Yes, that could very well be. Moves are very stressful on an animal. Cats are especially territorial and take anywhere from a few days to more than 6 months to adjust to a move.

Assuming the vet gives an all clear for any medical issues, she may be spraying as a marking behavior in order to claim the new territory, or she may be urinating out of fear and stress.

With more than one cat in the house, the adjustment can involve some territorial disputes between them as well. Even cats that know each other well can have problems with this as they try to cope.

Provide lots of attention, excellent litter box hygiene, distract her with play and treats, and see if you can keep her away from the area. Barriers may work but are not always practical unless you keep her on the other side of the door.

If she's used to being in the bedroom with you, though, this may add additional stress. Double sided tape, aluminum foil, and citrus smells are cat repellent. Make sure you clean the area well with an enzymatic cleaner or AtmosKlear. As long as the smell is there, she'll want to return to that area over and over again.

Be sure that you've got optimal litter box numbers and placement as outlined here.

Here are some ideas on inappropriate urination as well as spraying behavior.

To calm her down and help her adjust, you can try a Feliway diffuser or spray which has worked for some people. Also, cats like to develop a communal scent. If you can take a cloth and wipe everybody's scent all over the house that might make her feel more at home.

Best of luck with your kitty!


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