Is AtmosKlear The Best Pet Odor Eliminator?

... or is AtmosKlear the best odor eliminator, period?

What began as an intentional search for a round-up of the best cat urine odor elimination products on the market became an accidental discovery of one of my best picks for your entire home.

AtmosKlear is an odorless, non-toxic, biodegradable, guaranteed and completely safe odor eliminator. The manufacturer, TwinStar Industries of Minneapolis, MN, USA, also makes companion stain removal and carpet shampoo products.

Here is their guarantee...

"We will work with you to be successful or your money will be returned."

Why are they so confident?

Probably because they have a history of safely and effectively solving all kinds of odor removal problems. Often, this has been in cases where other products have failed.

I'm not alone in talking up the praises of AtmosKlear as an odor eliminator. Both a major US automobile manufacturer, and a home improvement author and radio talk show host endorse this product.

In fact, when it comes to cat urine odor removal, Glenn Haege, "America's Master Handyman" specifically recommends AtmosKlear.

So, if AtmosKlear is so good, then why haven't you heard of it?

Good question. Up until recently, AtmosKlear was heavily marketed through trade shows and has been destroying odors in institutions such as Hotels, Hospitals, and Universities. Now, it's available to destroy odors for you in your home.

As I outline below, there are several popular products that typically show up in reviews of odor elimination products for residential use. But, when you hear what the folks who make this product have to say, you might just want to give AtmosKlear a try. After all, it's guaranteed, so you really have nothing to lose.

I originally started out in search of the best odor elimination products. I knew that each product would have good and bad points, so I wanted a comparison listing of the products so that I could choose for myself. I actively combed the Internet and came up with several products that were consistently recommended.

In researching many odor removal and cleaning products, it was noted that most of them did not have all of the characteristics that I was looking for. But, since these products were all recommended by respected sources, I decided that I would have to settle for one them.

Then, by accident, I found AtmosKlear. Here is my story...

... as I said, what I thought I wanted was a list of the best products, so that I could choose what seemed to suit me best.

Have you read the labels? ...

... but I had certain standards. I don't know about you, but I really don't like to use anything that says "harmful to humans and domestic animals" in my house. Have you read the labels on the products at the store? Scary stuff.

So, what I really wanted was a product that was safe for both my cats and their humans. I also needed it to treat my belongings with respect. I didn't want my carpet to dissolve! I wanted to be able to combine it with a cleaner, if need be, and not worry about a science project blowing up on me.

I also needed it to be effective, of course. And, so I didn't waste my money (again), it had to be guaranteed. I also wanted a product that I could use for any odor problem, in any room. Oh, and by "effective," I mean that it needed to actually destroy the odor; not cover it up so it would come back to haunt me later!

I also wanted a product that didn't lose its effectiveness if I happen to use a cleaning product or another (ineffective) odor remover on the area first. This one's a tough one, since some sort of chemical reaction is always a possibility.

My search led me to an article by a popular cat web site on how to remove cat urine odor. The article listed six "top" products that claimed to remove cat urine odor. Well, those are six of the top products that always seem to surface in various reviews. In addition, several other sources I trust led me to several other products that looked promising as well.

I was, at that point, resolved to using one of those products. But I wanted more information. So, I began to read consumer reviews...

I found the answer by accident ...

While all of those products were popular, I had read a review of one of those products that indicated that at least one of those products did not meet the reviewer's standards. My problem? I also trusted that source.

I also noticed that it seemed as though none of them ever truly met all of my requirements. And, in some cases, the manufacturer confused me by offering several products that seem to do the same thing - which one should I use?

So, with my doubts in hand, I focused on other things and let the topic sit. Then, quite by accident, I saw a little text ad that read:

AtmosKlear :
a safe, guaranteed odor remover, that was non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Could this be what I was looking for?

The funny thing is, the ad was in a publication that has nothing to do with cat urine, or odors, or cleaning, or well, any of this! It was truly odd.

I visited the manufacturer's web site and I was impressed with the security of their money back guarantee. They will work with you to remove the odor, or your money back. I was also impressed by the fact that you can mix this product with pet shampoo and clean your pet with it!

Not that I would do this under normal circumstances, but... it's totally safe.

After a little research, I found that a major business publication had done a story on the manufacturer in mid-2004. The story focused on how the founders of the company were able to compete in an already saturated market (odor removal products).

They did this by offering a superior product, and doing demonstrations for the hospitality industry.

They got started by proving that their product worked, right in front of people who had seen just about every product there is to see!

The founders of this small, unknown company were able to sell their product to people who clean for a living. That's tough, and impressive.

The story went on to say that a major US automobile manufacturer endorsed this product for removal of odors in their vehicles. The story also told of how the founders of the company often answer the phones and work directly with customers.

They put a toll-free 1-800 number on every bottle. If this product fails to work for you, all you have to do is call them. The makers of AtmosKlear will work with you, or your money back.

You can buy it at Amazon.

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